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ChuChus Suarez

Welcome another cool blogger with a big round of applause. This time it is a beautiful lady from Spain. Just this mere fact would make me want to see the looks of ChuChus Suarez. One of the reasons is that I have always been fascinated by the culture and history of this grand country. Also, Spanish designers are famous around the world, so there is enough evidence to the great fashion taste of this land. And of course, a very important note: Spanish men are considered to be super handsome, charismatic and hot. So if you, for some reason, were not in love with Spain, it is quite the time to get engaged.

Spanish Blogger: ChuChus Suarez

ChuChus Suarez is originally from  Santiago de Compostela, Spain. The 24-year-old brunette studied law in Seville, although was not so much interested in it. It was fashion that has always been her passion. As it usually happens, the girl’s parents were against turning of such a “hobby” into the way of life. Still, Suarez managed to go her own path, working on her own blog.

ChuChus was inspired by blogs like Mydailystyle, Atlanticpacific, Thesartorialist and Bartabac. Who knows, maybe if it wasn’t for these websites, we would never get acquainted with such a gorgeous lady. She started her blog in 2011 and immediately gained a lot of popularity among the fashionistas of Spain and later of the whole world.

She prefers such brands as Blanco, Zara, MassimoDutti and H&M as well as vintage pieces. Her favorite handbag piece is Birkin by Hermes, whereas the most beloved bag brands are Louis Vuitton and Loewe.

Looking at her outfits I get very inspired, for the clothing pieces she mixes look totally awesome. This young lady definitely has a great fashion taste, which she is eager to show off and share with the thousands of her fans. Check out the gallery to see more of the fabulous looks. 

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