Daniela Ramirez: Blogger from Venezuela

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Daniela Ramirez
Daniela Ramirez

Whenever I hear someone mentioning Venezuela, the first thing that comes to my mind is the drama series. I remember my mom being totally obsessed with these TV shows that seemed to be hypnotizing people. Even my dad would sometimes stare at the screen in anxiety and impatience, watching San Jose Pedro escaping from his enemy of life and trying to save his beloved Patricia/Maria/Eduarda. Back then it looked so frustrating to me: I didn’t quite get why my parents would give up on another game with me for the sake of these silly scenes. However, today I understand why those dramas were so influental. Anyway, this post is definitely not about the series. It’s just that Daniela Ramirez is a fashion blogger of Venezuelan origin. And I find her outfits to be extremely fabulous and striking.

Meet Daniela Ramirez: Venezuelan Fashion Blogger

Daniela Ramirez was born in Caracas, Venezuela on October 25th, 1988. She spent her childhood in her hometown having fun with the two brothers and numerous cousins (she had 8 uncles/ants from each side!). The beauty ows her perfect body features to the gymnastics classes she took as a child. She even participated in the international competitions! With this fact she completely won my trust and love, as I had always dreamed to become an acrobat or a ballet dancer back in childhood. Unfortunately, my humble dreams didn’t come true, which is why now I keep browsing though the photos of those ladies who were more successful.

Daniela left Caracas for Miami in 2006, where she studied Business Administration. Four years later she successfully graduated with BA degree in Business and Marketing. However, it the girl didn’t quit her studies there and now is engaged into Fashion Merchandising, after completing workshop classes on professional makeup. All around, such a talented person she is!

During her studies she met her boyfriend with whom she is still dating. The couple has a cute Maltese puppy named Chiki that they take care of together. Isn’t that sweet?

The fashionista started her first blog in 2009, which is called Fab Chic and Fit. It was ran exclusively in Spanish and has gained popularity very quickly. In 2011 Daniela opened her second blog, this time in English. Quite impressive, huh? The second version is called Nany’s Kloset and it refers to Daniela’s nickname. I bet it’s not an easy task to run a blog, so I can imagine how much work she has to complete. I am not surprised with the recognition that both of her sites gained: once you see her fashionable outfits you will get why.

Daniela manages to combine clothing pieces that seem to be from totally different shelves. She has a very peculiar style which she sticks to in a very consistent way. I fell in love with all the saucy looks that she shared so far and I am sure there will be much more to drool over. She is very much into the accessories, especially various kinds of hats. This particular piece seems to be almost in every single photo of hers, which I like a lot.

Daniela Ramirez is a young talented lady who has many sides to admire. Not only she is beautiful, but also does the girl have this strife for education. Which is, let’s be honest, a very rare thing when it comes to a pretty face. Her parents must be very proud of their daughter, as she is walking along the right path, making her name by means of beauty and fashion. Take a look at the outstanding outfits of the Venezuelan blogger and get your portion of smiles!

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