Dasha Gold for Michaela Menichelli 2013 Campaign

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Dasha Gold

Dasha Gold is here with her latest photoshoot update. I am sure, it is not only me now who adores both her style and the impeccable ability to pose in front of the camera. This young lady is beautiful and talented – what else does a woman need to succeed in this life? Well, maybe a husband who happens to be an awesome photographer would be a cool asset to all the above. Certainly, Dasha is super lucky to possess everything a girl can ever dream of. And in addition to what she has already done as a model and blogger, the beauty starred in Michaela Menichelli 2013 Campaign.

Michaela Menichelli Teams Up with Dasha Gold: 2013 Ad Campaign

Michaela Menichelli is an Australian designer well-known for the superior handbags that she creates.

The driving force behind Michaela Menichelli draws creative inspiration from exotic cultures in far off countries. The preparation and use of unique, raw materials ensure each piece is a one of a kind statement for fashion forward individuals.

I love all the bags featured in the campaign. Michaela Menichelli obviously knows what makes a lady happy. Gorgeous design, excellent fabric and perfect styling – this is what you will find in the photoshoot. Besides, Dasha, as always, astonishes with her irresistible charm and outstanding talent. This is what the blogger thinks of this recent collaboration:

It was a great pleasure to work with the lovely Michaela Menichelli  on the campaign photo shoot for her self-titled label. The wonderful craftsmanship, unique character and concept behind Michaela Menichelli bags makes every one of her pieces stand out. The bags are designed for passionate, strong, fashion forward women who love to accessorise their wardrobes with one-of-a-kind statement pieces.

For the photoshoot, Dasha sports a number of saucy and trendy clothing pieces by Bec & Bridge, Talulah, Shakuhachi, Lady Fox, Rag & Bone and Rachel Gilbert Zanetta. All the outfits amaze with the way the pieces are put together. I, personally, would never ever come up with something like Shakuhachi Serpent envelope skirt in blue, white and black, which is paired with black leather crop top and Rag & Bone white jacket. Capri clutch in yummy fuchsia seems to be a great way to complete this stylish look.

Dasha Gold managed to meet the criterias of Michaela Menichelli  for a good model. She makes these awesome handbags look even more fabulous and appealing.

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