DJ Yasmin: A Girl with Awesome Style

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DJ Yasmin
DJ Yasmin

In case you don’t know who DJ Yasmin is, no worries – I will introduce you to her background and life timeline in a few seconds. For now, just take a minute and think: are there a lot of female DJ’s who are famous enough to be talked about? I bet you are shrugging shoulders now, not able to come up with a name. Well, if anyone ever asks you this question again, you know what to answer.

DJ Yasmin’s Life Style and Fashion Sense

DJ Yasmin (Yasmin Zarine Shahmir) is a British DJ and singer-songwriter. She was born in Manchester, England on December 21, 1988. Her exotic appearance can be explained with the fact that she has Iranian and Scottish roots. Yasmin’s breakthrough in singing career happened in October 2010, when she appeared on rapper Devlin’s single Runaway. Before that she was DJing for a number of artists, including Taio Cruz, POB and N.E.R.D. With the release of her first single On My Own (30 January 2011), Yasmin became one of the hottest new artists to come out of the UK.

What we are interested in the most is the fashion side of her story. Her style is just like herself: fresh, unique and very creative. I love the way she combines different clothing pieces and creates various looks. Yasmin obviously enjoys being in the spotlight. Not only it is her music that draws people’s attention, but also is it the beauty’s fashion sense, which helps her stay on trend.

DJ Yasmin
DJ Yasmin

One thing I like a lot about DJ Yasmin’s style is the fact that she can be different. Depending on what occasion it is that she is attending, the British musician opts for an appropriate look. An elegant black gown with an open back is a perfect match for the BRIT Awards 2011 Ceremony, whereas Beyonce’s album launch event requires something less classic, just like that denim overalls skirt paired with a striped shirt and cool fuchsia wedges.

Apparently, Yasmin is in deep love with one particular hairdo – a bun. She always styles it in a slightly different way and I adore all of her variations. She also goes for sort of messy waves, but they fit her a lot as well.

I absolutely love the accessories she dons: edgy and a bit funky jewelry pieces along with saucy hats and sunglasses each add some special zest to her outfits. What do you think of the white headscarf wrapped around her bun or the massive ring and bracelet in gold? I am sure, you also fell for it!

Have a look at more photos of this beautiful DJ and get some more enthusiasm to create stylish and trendy looks of your own. Yasmin has all chances to become an icon of street fashion and we will definitely keep track of her striking outfits.

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