Doina Ciobanu: Cutest Blogger Ever

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Doina Ciobanu
Doina Ciobanu

I wonder how many fashion bloggers we have in all. Seems like the new-comers tend to appear in the fashion world almost every day. It would be great if someone actually starts to keep track of the street bloggers around the world. Of course, with such a great number it is impossible to get familiarized with all of them. And do we really need it? What we are looking for is not quantity but quality. So it surely makes more sense to follow only those ladies who deserve our attention. And what do you think I have trying to do all this time? Exactly! Browsing through tons of images offered by the web sources, I do my best to filter only the best ones. Here is an adorable collection of looks by Doina Ciobanu, the most enchanting fashion blogger so far.

Doina Ciobanu: Greetings From Moldova

If you are not sure where Moldova is, Google will help you with your inquiry. We have more important things to focus on. Doina Ciobanu is a super pretty young lady with such a great fashion taste that even I feel somewhat imperfect. Looking at her adorable outfits it’s impossible to stay away at all.

On a TV show, I was once called, “an edgy little Mademoiselle Coco that has adapted to 21st-century fashion.” My outfits usually reflect my mood and what I feel like at the moment, so I really love using different clothing styles, like punk, bohemian, and vintage. 

Doina started her fashion blog, The Golden Diamonds, in 2010 and since then it has been a very successful venture. Her looks are extremely creative and stylish, whereas the content of the blog offers much more than just fashion.

I don’t exactly have style icons or influencers, but I can say I am inspired by a lot of people. I usually like and remember the small details in someone’s outfit, and then personalize them. Sometimes, even those whose style I don’t like are inspiration for me, as I learn from their mistakes.

She claims that her home city doesn’t affect her style at all, since it’s too small and lacks pieces of outstanding architecture. But is it really so? I am sure, the city does influence her life style, regardless of whether she admits it or not. After all, the society constructs us and makes us act in a certain way.

Usually I try to wear different pieces of clothing. I can say that my go-to piece in the last two months has been my black minimalistic Zara heels. I can’t take them off because they are really comfortable and classy, which is why they go perfectly with 98% of my wardrobe.

Among Doina’s favorite brands are Topshop, Solestruck, Lindestore, ASOS and Net-A-Porter. Also, she loves to check out Garance Dore, Stockholm Street Style and Fashionista. The blogger adores bright colors and psychedelic prints as well as the color-blocking trend. Despite her affection for the darker colors, her attitude toward the shades combination has drastically changed.

Doina Ciobanu has been featured in Vogue US, Vogue Paris, Vogue UK, Elle, Grazia, and Harper’s Bazaar, The Sartorialist, Vanessa Jackman and Lee Oliveira. Quite an impressive list, huh?

Doina presents gorgous outfits in various styles and approaches. She can be very girly, or masculine: depending on the way she sees the world, she positions herself through a set of clothing pieces. Check out the gallery to get a clear idea of who Doina Ciobanu is and what thousands of fans love her for.

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