Dulce Candy: Blogger With A Unique Name

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Dulce Candy
Dulce Candy

Another awesome blogger is on the menu tonight! Not that it will help you with the dinner meal, but the content of the post is going to be very delicious! Let me start with the name – Dulce Candy…Yum?! So I thought: when I spotted the name I had to reread it three times after blinking for a short period of time. I mean, people happen to have unique names, but this particular one is out of any competition. Besides, if you think that this is the blogger’s nickname, you are awfully wrong. It is the real name, the real girl and the real style. Enjoy the stylish looks from this beautiful lady!

Dulce Candy & Her Impeccable Style

Dulce Candy Tejada is the blogger’s real name, and I have to admit I like it a lot. The 25-year-old beauty was born in Mexico. When she was 6 her family moved to South California where she successfully graduated from the high school to join the military. I bet you didn’t expect facts like that! Moreover, Dulce served in Iraq for 15 months! Can you imagine this beautiful and gracious lady dealing with weapons and stuff like that? When she returned to the States she worked as…a mechanic until she started to post her videos on Youtube in 2008.

I started when I was in the military, as an outlet to feel more feminine—more of a personal choice because I was in uniform. I remember being in Iraq and being stripped away from anything that was feminine, so starting the vlog was really what had me obsessed with beauty and fashion. It started as a hobby and over the years it turned into a career. “Dulce Candy” is my first and middle name. I was named after an anime cartoon from Japan called I go to school. 

The stunner has shared tons of videos revealing various beauty secrets as well as fashion tips. She has reached one million followers, which seems to be amazing. As if it wasn’t enough, Dulce runs her own fashion blog which is called DulceCandy. It contains so many interesting things, including her saucy looks and numerous videos, that I could hardly stop myself from browsing through it.

Moreover, this is not the limit for her. The talented lady is engaged with studies now, working hard for her Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design at the fashion school. Isn’t that impressive? Ladies like her amaze me a lot: our society needs examples as great as this one! Besides, she is being generous enough to give tips on how to run a blog:

My advice is to be yourself and to do it because you love it. When you love it, it’ll take off. Add your own personal story, your own personal touches, and try not to incorporate a lot of other people’s work in it…The best part is that I get to be my own boss and that I get paid to shop, which is really fun! It’s a dream job! The hardest part is finding time to do it, because it can be time consuming, especially with everything else going on in my life.

Her style is mostly eclectic, as it changes all the time. Which is quite a nice thing, since sticking to one style has never been fun enough. Dulce tries to apply certain trends to her own fashion perception and draws conslusions depending on whether they fit in or not. Her favorite brands are Zara, H&M, Aldo, Nordstrom, Forever 21, and ASOS.

The beauty products she can’t live without are L’Oreal Liquid Line Blast in Black, Nars Blush in Magley, MAC Prolong Wear Foundation, and Rimmel Airy Fairy Lipstick. Not a huge list: I expected the expert on cosmetics and make-up to show off a wider range.

Dulce Candy is an adorable blogger with lots of talents and surprises. Check out the gallery for more hues and fall in love with the pretty lady!

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