Elena Perminova: Russian Quartet’s Legally Blonde

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Elena Perminova

For the older generation Russia is usually associated with communism, Stalin, and Siberia. Younger folks might know there is such a place in the world and probably will even point it out on the map (at least, those who took geography classes seriously). But apart from that, how much do you know about this huge country? It is not the number of square kilometers that I am curious about. I wonder if you are familiar with any Russian celebrities. Not that I am a big fan of Russia and know every single fact about its past and present, but there is one little area that I am quite interested in. And so you are, I am sure. All right, here is a hint – the Russian Quartet. No, it is not a band or anything close to it. The Russian Quartet, or the Russian Pack, is a clique of glamorous and beautiful women of Russian origin, who play a very important role in … yes, fashion. Read on to learn more about Elena Perminova, one of the four, and her glorious style.

Russian Fantastic Four’s Elena Perminova

Elena Perminova, along with Ulyana Sergeenko, a couture designer; Miroslava Duma, a fashion journalist; and Vika Gazinskaya, a designer, is often snapped by various photographers. She attends all the fashion events and never misses a chance to show her impeccable style. Wherever she is spotted, from the haute couture fashion shows to just walks on the street, Elena always demonstrates a perfect taste. She is admired, adored, and, let’s be honest, frequently copied.

Elena Perminova
Elena Perminova

Perminova was born on September 1, 1986 in Berdsk, Russia. She had dreamed of becoming a model since the very childhood.  And her natural beauty and great talent couldn’t stay unnoticed. At the age of 16 she signed a contract with the local modeling agency Modus Vivendus and had quite a successful career until 2004. That year will probably stay in Elena’s memory forever. She was arrested for distributing drugs in a nightclub in Novosibirsk and got a 6-year suspended sentence. This is where her husband-to-be Alexander Lebedev stepped in and literally saved the girl. The charges were dropped and Elena was justified. Sounds like a modified version of Cinderella, except the fairy godmother got replaced by a Russian billionaire. Surely grateful to her rescuer, Perminova couldn’t just wave him a good-bye. Soon the couple married and now they are raising two sons – Nikita, 3, and Egor, 1.

The Russian socialite is gifted with lots of talents. She is a model, designer, mother, and just a beautiful woman. Her style is adventurous and unique, which is why fashion world welcomed her so eagerly. She likes to explore new names and brands and often opts for the emerging designers.

To get more sense of what makes her a fashion icon, check out the gallery and enjoy beautiful looks of Elena Perminova. All her adorable and sophisticated outfits are here for you to enjoy and, maybe, use for your own looks.

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