Four Inspiring Skirt Looks

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Dulce Candy
Dulce Candy
When it comes to a skirt, one has quite a range of options. Regardless of your item’s silhouette, style or color, you can definitely create a myriad of various outfits – just with the help of different accessories. I have no clue whom we owe this fine piece of clothing to, but I would like to thank the genius on behalf of all the females inhabiting this planet. I can’t imagine what we would do without a skirt. Below are the four striking outfits that each feature a skirt. Although, they are made up by mostly similar pieces, you will be surprised at how different the ensembles are. Dulce Candy, Blair Eadie, Andy Torres, and Dasha Gold all did their best in order to delight us with saucy images.

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Dulce Candy always shows off her unique sense of style. Not only is this stunning lady a magnificent make-up stylist, but also she is a very artistic and fashionable blogger. Her make-up tutorials have earned her appraisal long time ago; yet, what we are mostly interested in has to do with her closet. I am totally in love, for instance, with this marvelous look. The way she combined different shades and textures makes it impossible to pass by. A light knit sweater in lemon yellow by Target is tucked into a gorgeous high-waisted skater skirt in a unique and colorful ornament. Brown lace-up SJP sandals and a matching bag complement the look and along with beads in turquoise and coral create a stunning impression.

Andy Torres
Andy Torres
Andy Torres presented a slightly different look. If you like more moderate shades, then you will definitely love this one. A striking maxi chiffon skirt in gray, pink, blue, and beige itself looks very adorable. Yet, when the saucy piece by Topshop is combined with an Asos crop top in black and a matching Zara blazer, the ensemble becomes absolutely irresistible. The beauty added a pair of Senso shoes in black, similar hat from H&M Paris collection and a lovely handbag by Neri Karra. I can literally feel the salty taste of sea waves, when I look at her image.

Blair Eadie
One of my favorite bloggers, Blair Eadie has some special connection with skirts. For one thing, she seems to possess quite a plenty of them. Also, whenever she sports one from her collection, it turns into a super gorgeous outfit. Somehow she knows how to style a skirt in the most delicious way possible. This lust red maxi flare skirt by Tibi is paired with striped Madewell top in black and white. A pair of stunning pumps by Carolina Hererra as well as Celine bag perfectly completed the stylish look. I like how light and fresh the blonde beauty looks – an excellent image for late spring!

Dasha Gold
Dasha Gold also opted for a skirt look; however, hers is way different from the rest. The Australian blogger decided to play with colors a bit and rocked a magnificent mini skater skirt in pink coral by Kenzo. The cool fit and shade of the piece makes it the main character of the show right away. Dasha went even further in her creativity and added an elegant yellow coat by Zara – the color combination just rocked off. Beautiful boots from Kardashian collection, Karen Walker sunglasses in black and plain white top by Celine made the outfit more sophisticated and exquisite.

The four ladies have different styles and fashion perceptions. However, all of them tend to release magnificent looks – regardless of location or season. This set of images proves that one article of clothing can be interpreted and showcased in various ways and all of them are equally cool.

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