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Karen Blanchard

Another blogger has fascinated me with awesome outfits. This particular lady has a super extraordinary style. She is not anywhere close to those girls we have seen so far. Why? Read on and you will see. I have no doubt that you will like this fabulous blogger just like you loved all the previous ones. But unlike all the others, she offers very unique ensembles in terms of style. What I am trying to say here is that not every lady will apply the knowledge gained here for her own wardrobe. Anyway, I don’t want to postpone the moment anymore. Below is Karen Blanchard and her adorable fashion!

Karen Blanchard: Blogger from New York

Karen Blanchard shared some engaging facts about the reason she started to blog. She has always loved to play with various looks and create the saucy and trendy ones. Besides, she adored to ask people where they bought something that she liked a lot. This explains the name of her blog very well. At that moment she was running 9 to 5 blog, which, as she admitted, she started to hate – so the girl decided to switch to a different venture.

When I first moved to NY from London, I had no idea WHERE some of best places were to shop. Not the big name stores. We all know those. But those cool boutiques squirreled away across the city that a new comer like me longed to know about. THOSE were the shopping gems I wanted to discover. The places where stylish local New York girls shopped and loved. To this day, nothing thrills me more in this city, than to stumble on yet another hidden treasure. 

As I already mentioned before, Karen has a very interesting style. You will get it right away, once you see the saucy looks. She is very much into casual, sometimes with sporty zest and bohemian touch. How many fashion bloggers with a huge colection of hats and mostly flat heels do you know? While usually fashionistas tend to wear skyscraping pumps and feminine dresses, this is not the case with Karen. She offers some outstanding ensembles for the ladies who love to stand out, wear comfy clothing and walk around the city a lot.

I think I’m still evolving. I love bouncing between looks that are edgy or a bit retro, especially drawing from the sixties and seventies. I continue to play around with different styles but with an eye on stopping the OMG-what-was-I-thinking outfits.

Her fashion icon has a very similar style. Kate Moss has been her favorite fashion person for quite a long time. Besides the famous model, she also gets inspired by a myriad of other girls: mostly unknown yet incredibly stylish. Those ladies who she tends to tun into on the streets of New York, escpecially around the East or West Village and Brooklyn, give Karen a lot of ideas.

I miss the old street markets for buying vintage clothes. I know Spitalfields has a great vintage section that I have to check out again the next time I return. I do miss a good saveloy and chips from the local chip shop! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. The thing I miss the least is the cost of travel around the city.  

Karen Blanchard, as you can see, is not ordinary blogger. She features a very engaging style and awesome outfits to drool over. To see more of her closet, take a look at the gallery and get your portion of inspiration.

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