Karla Deras: Sensual & Stylish

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Karla Deras
Karla Deras

By now we have been exposed to so many fashion bloggers that one might mix up the ladies’ names. Yet, I am about to introduce a fashionista who is beyond any competition. And these are not just empty words –  I mean it. Karla Deras has a totally mind-blowing style. Although, at the first glance it might not seem to be so. If you spot a couple of her outfits, you might exhale a sigh of boredom and disappointment, but the more you see, the deeper you fall for her. This is exactly what happened to me. The moment I opened her blog, I had a desire to exit out and search for something more interesting. However, as I scrolled down, my eyes kept rolling and rolling, until there was literally no room anymore. I have no doubt, you will experience exactly the same thing.

Karla’s Closet and Lifestyle

Karla Deras is not just a blogger: she manages to combine a variety of identities. Jewelry designer, visual artist, vintage clothing collector, and e-tailer: how is that? The beauty is originally from USA, Simi Valley, CA. She started her blog in 2008 after being a constant reader of other blogs for about a year. This is how she describes her creation: “Karla’s closet is a realm of simple self-expression along with a sickening shoe obsession.”

These past few months, I’ve really been focusing on becoming the woman I want to be- spending time with myself, surrounding myself with people of substance, and most importantly, challenging myself. I believe style is a reflection of how you feel and what you’re going through at the time. My style is evolving as I mature and I don’t think that’s something I should ever have to apologize for. We are all made to grow and evolve.  

Karla has a very unique style. You will spot a lot of vintage and masculinity as well as bold cuts and sharp lines. All of her outfits are full of sensual vigor and sexy appeal. And it is not because she keeps exposing images of her body parts totally naked or pieces in bright red and leopard. It is rather about her personality, the inner feature that steps forward on every single photo.

That being said, I have always valued simplicity. When I first started my blog, I mainly stuck to a neutral color palette and eventually began experimenting with different ideas, hues, and moods. As much as I enjoyed my vintage 50s dresses and tutu days, I think my style now is much more suitable for where I am in my life. I can honestly say that I haven’t felt this much freedom and joy in a while and I hope you guys continue on this journey with me as I seek self-improvement and share my style along the way (that sounded so corny, but just go with it)…
Her favorite designer is Yves Saint Laurent. No wonder, the maestro releases a lot of vintage pieces and very bold ensembles, which perfectly match Karla’s preferences. She loves to follow such blogs as Fashion Squad, Garance Dore, Stockholm Street Style, Fashion Toast, Lulu, and Chictopia. The stunner is not very picky about the places to shop, as she lists anything from Goodwill to Saks and H&M as the appropriate spots. However, there is online fashion retailer that she is a big fan of – Net-a-porter.com.
Karla Deras has an awesome style. If you are still not impressed, take a look at the gallery and enjoy all the 54 oufits. I am sure that you will be fully compelled by the end of this short journey through Karla’s Closet.
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