London Fashion Week Street Style: Top 10 Looks

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Another week fashion week went by bringing us new styles and looks to be marvelled by. Today we’re looking at the best of London Fashion Week street style. The prevalent athletic style took over the fashion crowd in London so most of the looks were sport-y or had some athletic elements to them. Interesting tops and jackets also seemed to be the street style trend.

Top 10 Looks From London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week street style

A fresh take on a pant suit, a sports bra beneath an unbuttoned blazer and a small elegant backpack. Surely a daring look but if you want to add some life to your pant suit outfit this is definitely a way to try and do it.

London Fashion Week street style

We love everything about this look. A loose-fitting dress and cat sunglasses make a perfect combination. The pastel hair is all the better.

Bella Hadid

How would you call this look? We think casual grunge. Leather skirt, casual T-shirt and cool sneakers. We’d wear that everyday.

Chealse Leyland

Not really loving the oversize cuffs but the skirt and the overall look is great and a fresh way ot wear a button shirt for sure. The book clutch makes it all the more interesting.

London Fashion Week street style

Leather is a hit of the season and while lacquered leather may sometimes look like too much there is no such thing for fashion week street stylers. Here is a look that’s definitely made for occasion but it’s cool nonetheless.

London Fashion Week street style

Matte leather is more wearable in everyday life but can look understated without a pop of color. Here the bright striped wrap skirt does the job well.

London Fashion Week street style

This is a great way to wear a trench coat/light fall coat today. The belt adds to waist definition and matches perfectly to strappy wedge sandals. The hat takes it up a notch.

London Fashion Week street style

Light summer coat can still well be worn in early fall and we are loving the high laced sandal combination here.

London Fashion Week street style

Crop tops are still trendy if the weather allows. We are loving this tweed jacket with leather panels. It’s a statement contrast piece on its own but the crop top underneath it gives it even more edge and a modern twist.

London Fashion Week street style

The statement coat can give you a perfect nothing-to-wear solution for everyday. Make sure it’s warm enough and you can wear it anywhere as long as you’re not one of those people who should change an outfit everyday.

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