Meet Ashley Madekwe: Blogger & Actress

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Ashley Madekwe

I love checking out fashion blogs. They carry so much inspiration and artistic endeavor, that I can hardly resist the call for creativity. Of course, it is always nice to enjoy the updates of well-known bloggers. But what makes me even more delighted is that glorious moment when I unexpectedly bump into a new webpage of some fashionista. This is the feeling that I got when I found Ring My Bell blog by Ashley Madekwe. It is very simple to browse through and super exciting as it reveals numerous looks of the beauty. Read on to find out what else, besides the stylish outfits, Ashley is famous for.

Ashley Madekwe: Blogging and Performing

Ashley Madekwe is an English actress. She is most famous for her role as Ashley Davenport in the drama series Revenge. Ashley was born in London, England on December 6, 1981. The actress has a very interesting background: her father is Nigerian/Swiss, whereas her mother is English. She attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

In my day-to-day life, if I’m not shooting, I will wear black all the time. I love black, but I get that it’s not that interesting for a blog post, so I force myself to wear other things… I like a simple look with splashes of color. I love the brightness—I wake up to blinding sun.

As it usually happens with the actors, since the very childhood  she has been working hard in order to receive recognition. Judging by the popularity of the TV show, we can tell she has pretty much suceeded.

I absolutely adore her style, for she offers quite distinct looks. From a sporty outfit to a romantic one, all of the images are gorgeous. By the way, she is mostly lensed by her husband Iddo Goldberg.

We try to shoot for the blog early on in the day just to get it out of the way. If we’re in a rush we’ll just go straight outside and shoot it. You can get so much out of one street because you just move your position slightly and it looks like a completely different background. But we prefer to drive and look for an interesting spot if we have the time.

Ashley manages to combine pieces by very democratic brands with those of the luxurious designers. You will spot outfits by ASOS, Topshop and Nasty Gal as well as Proenza Schouler, Balenciaga and Isabel Marant. It is a great ability to mix simplicity and elegance, which gives us another reason to adore this blogger.

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