Meet Dasha Gold: A Blogger With Impeccable Taste and Style

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Dasha Gold
Festival styling look

We like to stare at the photos of celebrities and study their fashion style, checking out posts and articles about different events they attend. We upload their pictures and try to copy their fabulous looks which is sort of hard, for we lack the resources they have. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to follow our own style? I know what you are going to respond. I absolutely agree, we do need some kind of inspiration, but why not to get it from someone more earthy? Your neighbor, who reads last year magazines and wraps herself in, what she thinks, trendy clothes, is not exactly who I mean. It has to be a stylish girl, who was or is immersed in the fashion industry, has an impeccable taste, and shares her superior ideas publicly. Dasha Gold meets all the criterias to serve as our inspirator and fashion idol!

Trendy and Saucy Looks of Dasha Gold

Dasha Gold is a founder of TheTrendSpotter blog. TheTrendSpotter is an Australian fashion blog which covers the latest trends, events, street and personal style, designers and catwalks from around the world. Dasha has been engaged in the fashion world as a model, stylist, artist and footwear graphic designer, before she decided to start sharing her experiences and fashion with the world.

Fashion is a reflection of who we are; it is in everything that surrounds us. It is a lifestyle we choose to live mixed with the culture and experiences we grew up with. It is through fashion that I share.

This beautiful lady offers looks of different styles and settings with a detailed description of what she wears for each of the photo shoots. She manages to mix all the hottest trends and creates such outstanding outfits, that my mind, busy processing all the information, is able to proceed only one word – Cool! From the animal inspired look with an owl bag and a cute bear hat to a rainbow colored pom-pom vest and striped sandals paired with white socks, Dasha’s unique style can’t stay unnoticed. My strong affection for individuality just wouldn’t let me pass by those photos.

Dasha Gold
Monochrome trend

I wonder if anyone of you would have the same mixed feeling of admiration and jealousity for this phenomenal lady. When I saw her outfits, I felt like trashing all of  my “gorgeous and super fashionable” clothes or donating them to a Delusional Fashionista’s Charity House. I could actually hear my next door neighbor tapping the floor with her feet and laughing out so loud that the window glass was about to shatter. And plus, have you noticed how photogenic Dasha is? She looks so natural in every setting, as if she isn’t posing at all. Oh, Mom, how come you never suggested me to attend a model academy?

Trendy monochrome pants and a top paired with black ankle strap sandals, beautiful jewelry, and saucy blue sunglasses – this is my favorite look of Dasha Gold so far. Check out the gallery to see which oufit will make your hearts fill with both envy and adoration!

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