Negin Mirsalehi: Most Promising Blogger

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Negin Mirsalehi
Negin Mirsalehi

If you are a big fan of fashion bloggers,then the information below is of a high relevance to you. I am 100 percent sure that you will fall in love with the looks presented here as no one before had any strength to resist their power. It is all about the wondreful fashionista from Amsterdam who received the award for the most promising fashion blog. Just this mere fact requires us to check out her fabulous style, right? I am pretty sure people on the judging board were not the pioneers in the fashion field, which means that the girl deserved the prize. So there is no point to delay the moment of the introduction. Meet gorgeous Negin Mirsalehi and enjoy her saucy outfits!

Negin Mirsalehi & Her Fabulous Closet

Negin describes her style as mostly casual chic. Looking at her images it is hard to disagree. Yes, her looks are quite casual, yet there is always that touch of exquisite elegance that makes each of the ensembles more outstanding. She admits changing her style from time to time – well, I guess every each of us does it. For instance, Negin might wear a super romantic frock today and then go for an edgy look the next day. Such a diversity definitely desrves high appraisal.

At the Zara counter a few girls recognized me from my blog”. This was the first time last year a few sweet girls recognized me, which you can imagine is a pretty crazy idea but at the same time so much fun. Last saturday I went to the city and I was recognized by 5 girls who all came to have a little chat and take a photo together. I really enjoy meeting you guys.

Her favorite places to shop include Nasty Gal, Net-a-Porter and Shopbop. Among the designers that she prefers are Alexander Wang and Zara. In regards of fashion inspiration (which is super important, if you are a blogger), the ever-lasting source for the beauty is the street style. She adores  spending warm summer days resting out in the sun, sipping on a fresh and icy cocktail and watching people move.

The most favorite item for summer is a pair of cosy flats. This footwear piece, according to the blogger, “can turn every look into a chic summer outfit.” I totally agree with Negin, as flats are a basic human need of any girl. They can serve so many goals at the same time that sometimes I wonder how on earth we could survive without them. However, there are some more things that the blogger can’t live without. If she went to a desert island, she would be incredibly happy to have her Ray-Ban Wayfarers, a flowy delicate frock and a wide-brimmed hat.

Everyday, I get 30.000 likes”. of course that’s not something I said out of the blue. The interviewer asked about it and it was based on Instagram where things indeed tend to get a little crazy. I sometimes still can’t believe that some photos get 30.000 likes or more. One photo even got 45.000 likes, How crazy fun is that?!

In terms of muses, the beauty admires Olivia Palermo, who is by all means an incredible fashionista. So no wonder, the stunner loves her too. Maybe that is exactly why she is so popular: when you look up to great people, you are most likely to be successful too. Browse through the gallery to see the wonderful looks of Negin Mirsalehi and enjoy the perfect style.

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