New Saucy Looks From Dasha Gold

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Dasha Gold
Dasha Gold

One thing I love about Dasha Gold is her impeccable sense of fashion. Somehow she knows what clothing pieces to combine and manages to create totally outstanding looks. I wonder whether such a useful skill is something you are born with or it can be developed throughout the lifetime. I will cross my fingers in a hope for the second one, for I hate to admit the fact of my complete hopelessness. Anyway, forget about my personal concerns and enjoy two gorgeous looks of this beautiful young woman.

Two Stylish Outfits by Dasha Gold

Dasha Gold offered two resort inspired looks that are super trendy. In both photo shoots the beauty poses against ocean background featuring a wondrous view of blue waves, empty pier, and impressive J244 ship. Dasha, as always, was lensed by her husband Colin Gold. So smart of him – I also wouldn’t let such an attractive young lady pose for anyone else except for myself.

Sitting on the pier with her legs hanging down the ladder, the Australian blogger looks very relaxed yet confident. A white sheer shirt by Jamie Ashkar and Daniel K crop top are paired with Serpent & Swan pants. She adds a gorgeous crystal cross necklace by Peter Lang and a super yummy MC clutch in fuchsia, which gives a bright hue to this almost monochrome outfit. But what I like the most about this ensemble is her mindblowing studded white pumps by The Mode Collective.

Dasha Gold
Dasha Gold

Another look is as fantastic as the fisrt one. Seems like the print on her Jamie Ashkar shirt and skirt matches the ocean waves. I love the color combination – delicate turquoise and calm timberwolf. A pair of elegant gray ankle booties by The Mode Collective along with a bright clutch perfectly complete the outfit. And her beige sunglasses are the piece I fell for right away! Where in the world does she get all those trendy and cool things?

These were two delicious looks from one of my favorite bloggers. Which outfit did you like the most?

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