New York Style From Olivia Taylor

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Olivia Taylor is a young fashion blogger that currently resides in New York and writes about her fashion looks. Olivia is not afraid to show her individuality and leads a very active social media life. Her outfits are inspiring, refreshing and rather versatile, as she can go for a grunge look and look equally pretty in elegant attire.

Olivia Taylor & Her Style

Olivia Taylor

Olivia Taylor Wearing Doc Martens Boots & Nasty Gal Skirt

Olivia Taylor, a 21-year-old blogger is a girl behind a blog, ’La Voyageuse’ what can be roughly translated from French as the traveler. She explains that since she loves French so much and also loves to travel, that name perfectly fits the blog. Olivia is very artistic in her activities, she likes to read and write and also she creates art in her spare time. Although she is originally from Ohio, she now lives in New York, a fashion destination of many fashionistas.

Like any other girl she likes to shop and to spend time outdoors, and likes to appreciate what she has. Moreover, she is really open about her blog and life habits, revealing almost any secret she has, including her motivation for keeping a blog:

My amazing readers and their kindness. The fact that they are inspired by my outfits and express genuine appreciation. I love them!

Olivia has been recently working in collaboration with Seventeen magazine as a Style Council for this year and this has been quite an experience for her as well. She is in love with France and everything French, well no wonder her style is so unique. She wants to move to France someday and express her original style roaming the streets of Paris. Although Olivia is in love with black color she can match almost any hue and look fantastic. She is truly inspirational and independent young woman who is just in love with fashion.

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