Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Street Style: 6 Gorgeous Outfits

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Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Street Style
Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Street Style

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week is an event all the designers, models, journalists, photographers, and millions of fashionistas always look forward to. For some people it is an opportunity to prove their talent for the hundredth time, for others – just a chance to make another heading. How about us? Why do we love fashion weeks so much? There is no need to look hard for the answer, is there? Where else can we get so many wonderful ideas on how to prepare our closet for the next season? Or simply create a saucy look to go out on the weekend? This is the reason we check out reviews of every single collection and upload photos of the outfits we like the best. But why not to look at it from a different point of view? Most of the presented collections are full of pretty much evening dresses, whereas daywear is what we actually need. Something more casual and down-to-earth, but still trendy. And this is where we turn to those fashionistas who are a little bit luckier than we are – the shows’ attendees. Fortunately, they are eager to pose and share their gorgeous looks with us. Check out the street style of Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week and enjoy 6 incredible outfits!

6 Awesome Looks of Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week: Street Style

Classic black combined with vivid colors always adds a point or two to a lady wearing it. In this case I would add even 3! A beautiful sleeveless chiffon blouse with a big bow perfectly matches a printed yellow maxi skirt. And I totally love the sheer polka-dotted veil that covers her pretty face.

Some ladies prefer to not experiment with the colors and opt for the all black outfit. Looking at this blonde in a high-waisted maxi skirt, a sheer lace top, and rather heavy open toes, I can’t say I don’t like black monochrome. Her outfit is very elegant and stylish indeed.

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Street Style
Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Street Style

A splash of colors was also spotted on the streets in Paris. The blonde and the brunette literally shine with their bright outfits. It is an excellent way to draw even more attention to yourself and remind everyone about your sense of fashion. I like the pink and yellow combination. A fringe dress with a heart print is awesome itself, but when paired with a yellow blazer, there is nothing to do except to exclaim in admiration.

A lady with a cute hairstyle and a charming smile also likes yellow, but she combines it with emerald green (which is my favorite color by the way). It is hard to tell whether the yellow basque is an extension of the blouse or a part of her printed pants. But my trained eyes can spot anything in this world, no matter how well it is hidden. How about yours?

A less bold, but more sophisticated outfit is a white suit with blue patterned edges by Chanel. A quilted chain bag in white, black, and yellow completes the saucy look. This outfit wouldn’t be so adorable without those lovely ankle strap shoes that sit so lovely on the lady’s feet. Honestly, if I, by some miracle, happened to be in Paris and walk by this beauty, her shoes would be the first thing I’d notice.

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Street Style
Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Street Style

Another fan of pastel colors is wearing a beige jumpsuit with ruffled sleeves. I love the intricate design of the bottom part and how it matches the black shoes. This lady’s outfit is very laconic, which is always good, for I hate to look like a Christmas tree overloaded with various jewelry pieces.

Any of these outfits can be easily used by you as an inspiration for your own looks. Whatever you choose, just make sure that it fits you. There is no point in wearing something trendy and super hot, if it does not do any good to you. Remember, we want to look as stylish as those fashionistas, but it does not require copying every single detail.

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