Peony Lim – “An Emerging Street Style Star” According to New York Magazine

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Fashion Blogger Peony Lim

Peony Lim is a recognized style icon of today. She is beautiful, stylish and chic, besides she can boast the exotic appearance owing to her Chinese and English roots. Peony Lim is one of the most popular fashion bloggers and fashion stylists. Her polished street looks along with her natural beauty draw a large army of fans to her fashion blog peonylimdotcom. Besides she is a frequenter at the Best Street Looks lists.

After studying at the London University of Arts, Peony graduated from the Courtauld Institute with a First Class Degree in Art History. She decided to start her own fashion blog in November 2010 after being the often hero of numerous photos by the street style photographers taken outside her university.

Peony Lim Fashion Blogger

Owing to her flawless sense of style and ability to make up chic and at the same time sharp looks she has often been spotted in the numerous publications by the first class fashion media. During the first year of running her fashion blog Peony was profiled in such authoritative magazines as Vogue Russia, Haute Muse, Elle Russia and ASOS Magazine.

Besides she has been featured in the printed versions of The Sunday Times Style, Tatler, The Evening Standard, Grazia, Lucky, Glamour USA and LFW Daily. In addition she was mentioned in online versions like Grazia IT, Harpers Bazaar, Styledotcom, New York Magazine, The Telegraph and various Vogues: USA, France, UK, Italia, China and Japan.

Fashion Blogger Peony Lim

Lim loves to travel and does it on a regular basis. By the way her fashion blog has a category called Travel, where she writes articles and post photos of her traveling experience including the reviews of different cities, restaurants, hotels, shops, etc. While travelling, Lim finds the source of inspiration for her elegant looks as well as searches for the unique products for her online shop where she sells original clothes and accessories.

Another thing that cannot be left unmentioned is Lim’s hair. The Chinese origin did its bit as Peony can boast long and shiny hair that she styles in a myriad of ways. She is often seen with light locks that beautifully frame her face, but sometimes she takes her hair up into a chic bun. By the way, Lim has never dyed or permed her hair.

Fashion Blogger Peony Lim

As for Peony’s personal style, she doesn’t tend to follow the latest fashion trends. She is doing her own fashion with chic and glamour.

The Cultivate on Peony’s style:

Her polished and poised look stood out in what seemed like a sea of grunge and untucked shirts… Her immaculate styling and whimsical photos always leave me feeling like I’m in a dream.

New York Magazine’s The Cut:

An emerging street style star.

The Sunday Times Style:

For the blogger Peony Lim, it’s not what you wear, but how you style it.

Peony Lim – Popular Fashion Blogger

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