Popular Russian Fashion Bloggers

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I was surprised to find out that there is a great number of the Russian fashion blogs that represent the talented fashion bloggers with the original approach to fashion. Like their European “colleagues”, Russian fashion bloggers also receive the invitations to the major fashion-related events in the world and have a significant influence on the Russian fashion industry. So let’s take a look at the girls that make a the street fashion in remote Russia.

Popular Fashion Bloggers from Russia

Fashion Not Fashion
Anastasia Kuzmina is a fashion blogger from Moscow city. Being a freelance journalist and simply a beautiful girl, she manages to evoke the positive emotions with her lightweight and at the same time stylish looks. Another thing I want to mention are the striking photos in bright hues, which are always skilfully processed in Photoshop.

Fashion Not Fashion Anastasia Kuzmina

Russian Doll
Juliet Polilova is a lovely 19-year-old girl from Moscow, who has a fashion blog called Russian Doll. Juliet is an activist in the distinct online fashion-themed communities. Besides she has appeared in the printed media like Grazia.it and in the Malaysian newspaper The Star.

Julie Polilova of Russian Doll

Fashion Mind
Leaded by Nataly Romashko, Fashion Mind carries the function of both the style and inspiration blog. Being the stylist and makeup artist, Nataly writes in her blog about things she considers to be beautiful and unique along with posting her own looks.

Fashionmind of Nataly Romashko

We Inspire Us
Fashion blogger Kamilla from Kazan can boast a fun and versatile taste in clothing. She knows how to make the unmixable garments work great together like the ones in the clashing colors, what adds a rock’n’roll touch to the looks without losing the feminine vibe.

Kamilla of We Inspire Us

A community of the street style bloggers is distinguished with the indisputable sense of humor, what adds popularity to their blog since some people are more attracted with their comments rather than with their looks.


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