Rita Galkina: With Love From Russia

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PRita Galkina
Rita Galkina

Russia is well-known for severe climate, fascinating view of Kremlin and brown bears wlaking across the streets. Although the last one is more of a joke, there is much more to learn about this vast country. For instance, how much do you know about Russian fashion? Apart from Miroslava Duma, Ulyana Sergeenko and Elena Perminova, there is not a lot of facts that people are aware of. Yet, we are missing a whole lot of cool things. One of the important things to know has to do with a saucy blogger from Russia. You will fall in love with her magnificent outfits demonstrating that as any other part of the world, this state has a lot to be impressed with. Take a look at Rita Galkina’s wardrobe and get totally overwhelmed.

Rita Galkina & Her Awesome Looks

Rita is a very engaging lady. Not only does she present mind-blowing looks, but also has very interesting dreams. For instance, the beauty has a goal to open a shelter for animals – and that has been her dream for a long period of time. Quite unexpected for a fashion blogegr, isn’t it?

She started her blog on April 26, 2010. I bet she celebrates this date as if it was her birthday. No wonder, this is exactly what brought her popularity as well as gave a chance to share her awesome style with everyone. The stunner is so altruistic that she never misses the opportunity to concult thousands of gals who approach her on the fashion topics. Despite being very famous, Rita appears to stay quite earthy, which is a very rare quality.

Before she opened her Diaries of A Big City blog, the beauty worked in an advertising company. The job seemed to be sort of boring to her, which is why she decided to switch her attention to something she likes. Now she is engaged in different projects, stars in various glossy photoshoots and travels a lot. Maybe this is what makes her outfits so adorable – whenever one gets to go around the world, the perception changes drastically.

I remember myself going over every single detail of one’s outfit, whenever I dreamt of a certain situation. Sometimes I even forgot what I was initially thinking about, as all of my thoughts were concentrated on the clothing pieces of my imaginary actors. I love style, I adore it – and it is not only about clothes. Everything has to have certain style: interior, food, automobiles – everything actually inspires me. I consider myself to be a perfectionist and aesthet. Beauty does not neccessarily require sacrifice. It is more important to live in comfort, to get satisfaction. Of course, eventually beauty will save the world. 

Rita’s style is very unique and alluring. She offers incredible ensembles that are full of great fashion taste and sophisticated touch. The stunner would never wear something that is just trendy or funky. It has to have a certain level of elegance in order to be donned by Galkina. Her style can be described as minimalism with a hint of conservatism. And once you spot her outfits, it becomes very clear.

It happened so that I have always preferred clothing pieces that were in vogue. However, I have never kept track of fashion that much. It’s just that I like to wear those items that won’t make me cry in a couple of years.

These were the most interesting facts about Rita Galkina. Yet, I am sure that this is not what you all have been waiting for. Take a look at the images below and fall in love with the Russian blogger’s style!

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