Silvia Gimeno: The Spanish Blogger

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Silvia Gimeno
Silvia Gimeno

Here is another fashion blogger to be introduced to you. Welcome with a big round of applause – Silvia Gimeno and her Sissy a la mode blog. You will be in love with all the outfits that she offers. All the looks are full of creative input and personal story. While some bloggers tend to release their updates just for the sake of being followed and liked, this particular one has different goals. You can tell it by the way she posts her images or describes an event. I am pretty sure, once you see the saucy looks of Silvia Gimeno, you will be fully convinced.

Silvia Gimeno & Her Awesome Style

Silvia Gimeno is originally from Spain. The stylish blogger has a very specific style. On one hand it might seem that her outfits are somewhat alike. However, don’t take this illusion seriously. The stunner just adores smart casual style – which is not a crime at all, right? Besides, it is always nice to have a bunch of ensembles styled in one direction.

I began to upload photos of my looks on Facebook and different social network sites about fashion, and it made me want to have my own more personalized page where I could upload more photos. I wanted a place that was just mine and that was how I started uploading the different looks on Sissy à La Mode…The blog is a part of my leisure time and right now I don’t know what I would do without it! It really gives me life.

Silvia’s favorite designer is Karl Lagerfeld. A very interesting chocie, in my opinion. The maestro has a number of talents from photoshooting to designing – does this mean that the beauty is also super brilliant? Her favorite book is ‘The Sound and the Fury’ by William Faulkner, while the fave song is  ‘Baby is on fire’ by Superpitcher. The lady adores lace, red and  Coco Mademoiselle.perfume.

The term ‘Ego blogger’ contains an implicit negative tone but it is a reality. I am an ‘Ego Blogger’. My blog speaks about me, myself and I and that’s that. We are all free to look at and take part in whatever we want to on the internet. On the other hand the term ‘It Girl’ fascinates me. Just because you are an Ego blogger doesn’t necessarily mean you are an ‘It Girl’.

She thinks that style is something more than just a combiantion of clothing pieces. It is about your world perception as well as the inner manipualtions. Her own style, as she claims, is very changeable. The saucy looks that she shares are inspired by other fashion blogs and street fashion. The most beloved part of her wardrobe is a pair black skinny jeans – she will have it in her closet no matter what. And how can we not agree with her? This article of clothing has become an essential a long time ago.

For me fashion is about playing with different garments and accessories. It’s about being up to date with the latest trends, losing myself in blogs, visiting shops and fashion magazines. It is a way of expressing yourself…I show what I wear, and as I like to be up to date with the latest trends, I mostly coincide with what is fashionable.

Silvia Gimeno has a wonderful style. She is in deep love with ankle booties and various headpieces, which you can spot as you browse through the images. You will get the full image of her closet as soon as you enjoy all of the images below.

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