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Silvia Navarro from Spain
Silvia Navarro from Spain

I am very happy to present another blogger – Silvia Navarro. You will definitely fall in love with all the outfits that this young lady shows off. Especially, the recent looks, which feature incredible style decisions and color compositions. The stunner has very much to do with a lot of other bloggers, but there is one main difference: she manages to combine totally different pieces together. Read on to find out more about the Spanish blogger and check out her magnificent ensembles.

Fashion of Spanish Streets: Silvia Navarro

Silvia Navarro is originally from Spain, Mursia. She is just 23, but is already famous around the world. I wonder what it feels like when you achieve such glorious heights yourself and then enjoy the fruit of hard work. The most interesting thing about this blogger is that she studied for lawyer, but has never worked as one. She is fully dedicated to her blog, which she is working on almost twenty four hours a day.

My style is far from classic…To me, classic touch is more about a mature lady, which I am not yet. I prefer the direction which does not bring all my outfits to the court of fashion and last trends, but rather is determined by my personality. It is very important to find the style that would decsribe your inner reality and fit in the context in a perfect way… For instance, I have never bought a single article of clothing just because it was super trendy. If I feel comfortable in it, there is a good chance that it will take spot in my closet; if not – then I will just say goodbye to it. 

Silvia started her blog less than a year ago and look how many followers she already has. If she keeps up like that, very soon she will reach very good numbers. There is nothing surprising in such success: the beauty shares adorable photos that have a lot of inspiration. What emerged as a hobby soon transformed into the lifestyle.

Fashion blog is just a tool which helps us to combine clothing pieces in various ways and awesome styles. We can have a single look at certain pictures and then suddenly get the brilliant idea. It is not about the glowing models with perfect 90-60-90 body features, but more about regular ladies. It is not that simple to be just a woman, you know.

She is very grateful for the opportunities that the blog opened for her. She became very stable in financial terms and even started her own business. Besides, she is working on a book, which is yet to be published. This means that it is not just a pretty face with lots of stylish clothes: Silvia has a very engaging personality.

If you ever decide to run a blog, there are, certainly, a bunch of rules. However, the most important one is probably the simplest. Get enough patience and keep moving forward, with a good reserve of passion for your blog. If this is truly your affection, don’t drop it and you will see the results very soon. 

Silvia Navarro shows off incredible looks that hypnotize you from the moment you spot them. Any kinds of skirts and pants as well as various coats and shoes make each outfit more complex and gorgeous. Take a look at the gallery and get your tiny bit of inspiration. Trust me, these photos are worth being checked out, as they will provide you with a great source of fashion ideas.

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