Smart Casual Look from Dasha Gold

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Dasha Gold

Dasha Gold is always ready to delight her fans. I don’t know how she is doing it, but everytime I see one of her new looks, I immediately fall in love with it. It doesn’t even matter that I was drooling over the previous one just a minute ago. There is something enchanting about this young lady. Or else she must be keeping some kind of a mystery – that is the only reasonable explanation. I keep wondering how on earth one can come up with such wonderful outfits and wear them as if they were nothing more than a set of clothing pieces. And the way she poses makes me feel a bit jealous. Take a look at the newest look by Dasha Gold and see what you feel about it.

Dasha Gold Goes Smart Casual

Smart casual is one of my favorite styles, so I have more than one reason to adore this particular look. I always look forward to checking Dasha’s updates, as she offers incredibly saucy and elegant outfits. None of her ensembles has ever been vulgar or impossible to wear in public. To me, it is a great ability to combine fashion taste and moderate temper.

This time the Australian blogger poses against a very beautiful setting that features sea shore, ship, bridge and what seems to be 100-year old ruins. As always, the beauty was lensed by her husband, Colin Gold.

Dasha Gold

I absolutely love this outfit. It is no where a fall look, which makes it even more appealing. This is exactly what we need on a rainy and gloomy day, when nothing except a soft cushion and a cup of hot chocolate seems to be good enough. But the more I look at this bright outfit, the better I feel.

Dasha sported a sleeveless white top and yellow skirt with asymmetrical hemline, both by Mossman. To add a rainbow touch, she rocked a yellow and blue blazer with geometric print by SheInside and a pair of gorgeous wedges in coral pink. A white belt with gold styling by Sheike, blue minaudiere by Shag and super stylish Little Lost Land sunglasses make the look more desirable. By the way, all the presented pieces were created by Australian designers.

Dasha Gold seems to have an endless source of inspiration. Which makes me very curious about her next saucy look.

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