33 Looks of Sofi Eliseeva

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Sofi Eliseeva
Sofi Eliseeva

Sofi Eliseeva has an aweosme style. Her outfits are so enchanting and unique that it is super hard to not stare at them. I kept going back to some of the most incredible outfits that she releases and to honest they are very hard to resist. I am pretty sure you will find yourself drooling over these ones as well, because a different reaction is very unlikely to take place. Sofi represents some adorable looks which feature astonishing fashion ideas. If you want to learn more about this engaging lady as well as to see her awesome looks, scroll downa and get ready to exclaim and admire.

Sofi Eliseeva: The Russian Blogger

Sofi Eliseeva was born in Novocherkassk, Russia in 1983. The young lady has always been interested in fashion and her style in the adolescense was far from being classic or modest. Actually, her teachers didn’t appreciate her fashion obsession at all, as she would show off some really extravagant looks. She recalls one of the most outstanding examples from her college days:

I showed up in black caprey pants with gold and silver sequins, black see-through bolero and silver sequined cap at the school prom. Right now it sounds very hilarious and delightful. I was so bold that I had never paid attention to the public opinion and has been loving extra attention since the very childhood. 

In 2005 Sofi graduated from the Journalism Department of the local university, but she was engaged in different kinds of job first. After a while, she decided to dedicate her life to the most favorite hobby – fashion. She was running a page on the Russian social network and uploading her looks, until the friend of hers suggested her to start her own blog. This is how her Sophie’s  Avenue was born in 2010.

Today, being a mother of a little boy, I have slighly different priorities. I would no longer go for 50-thousand (rubles) shoes; I even wouldn’t buy footwear piece which is more than 35 thousand (rubles). And even if I have such an idea on my mind, I would think twice before doing so: I would consider how basic they are and whether they fit into my wardrobe. Such shoes would be definitely classic, so that I can wear them for more than one season. Most likely – Christian Louboutin shoes. I will never ever purchase a jacket for $ 1,500. I know very well how to dress up at the price of $ 1,500 and make all the brand-freaks envy me.

Sofi perfers such democratic brands as Zara, Topshop, H&M and others. Yet she wouldn’t mind having a couple of high-end brands. If they were not so expensive, she would have bought a whole bunch of them, Unfortunately, the pieces from Prada,  Louis Vuitton, and Chloe are not very affordable now. Anyway, seems like Sofi is doing quite well even without those saucy ans super exquisite outfits.

Sofi is married to a very handsome guy and together they bring up a son. The young mother can manage everything, starting from taking care of her family to promoting his image and reputation. I adore all of the looks Sofi presents as all of them speak to me a lot. I can’t see another reason one wouldn’t like this set of images. Check out the gallery to see more pictures of more attractive outfits.

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