St Kilda Sea Baths: Preparation for New Year in Melbourne

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Dasha Gold and Lauren Mac
Dasha Gold and Lauren Mac

New Year is coming. Belive me or not, but it’s true. Some of you might just waive at me with this don’t-bother-me look, however you won’t notice how fast time passes by. Within just a couple of weeks you will be busy running around like crazy with a huge list of gifts to buy. That’s why it is necessary to prepare certain things ahead, to make sure you will have enough time to breathe soon. In Melbourne, for example, people are very anxious about the coming New Year celebration which is usually a spectacular fest with lots of delicious meals, dizzy drinks and nice music to enjoy.  St Kilda Sea Baths is what they call it there – sounds very unfamiliar, doesn’t it? But from now on you will be an expert in this celebration, as what I have to offer below will become  something totally unforgettable. Dasha Gold, the blogger, and Lauren Mac, the DJ, teamed up to bring some inspiration to all the Melbourne inhabitants as well as all the leaving creatures on this planet. Take a look at the saucy outfits and start planning for your celebration.

Dasha Gold &  Lauren Mac for St Kilda Sea Baths New Year Preparation

When it is Dasha Gold to be featured in a venture, you shouldn’t have any doubt about its success. The Austrlian fashion blogger always reveals great sense of style which is transformed into a series of gorgeous looks. This time the beauty collaborated with another pretty lady – DJ Lauren Mac for a set of images as a manual for all the guests of St Kilda Sea Baths New Year celebration.

It is billed as the event that will harken our festivities into the New Year. In a magical bayside setting with uncompromised glorious views, the uber beautiful will gather across three venues – Encore, Captain Baxter and the Rooftop – at eponymous and famous venue, ‘The St Kilda Sea Baths’ to inaugurate the first celebrations of the New Year.

Both models show off incredible outfits that have a very summer touch. Looking at the fabulous photos I can’t resist the sense of jealousity that overwhelms me with every second. This is the true paradise on earth – a place where you don’t have to worry about caps and gloves. Instead, you have this wonderful chance to enjoy the sun rays all year long and feel happiness constantly growing in your heart.

Organizers, Melbourne’s finest men about town trio, Hayden Burbank, Lee Elliott and Arlen De Silva of Musical Chair have promised a stupendous event of unrivalled decadence! With a line-up of sensational local and international talent coupled with the hospitality accorded by the involved establishments; this will indeed be the party not to be missed.

The saucy photoshoot was lensed by Colin Gold, as always. The lookbook features pieces by quite a number of designers: Sheike, RMK, Shakuhachi, Glassons, Mossman, Tony Bianco, and Alias Mae. Bella Petrovic was responsible for the make-up of Dasha and Lauren , while Monique Postma took care of the hairstyle.

Whist sipping on champagne and cocktails and languishing on the balcony, you can expect to be entertained by the likes of Chicago House Legend Ron Caroll and The UK Shapeshifters as well as Melbourne’s finest; Jesus Loyola, JR Reyne, Craig Delmo, Anyo Castro, Lauren Mac, Christian James, Peril, Fishcoteque and Khanh Ong.

Both Dasha Gold and Lauren Mac looked striking in all the outfits. You will spot snow white elegance as well as trendy splash of color. I am sure all of the looks will speak to you a lot and you will find your inspiration in at least one of them.

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