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Stephanie Liu
Stephanie Liu

Here is another name that you should be familiar with. Stephanie Liu is an adorable fashion blogger with marvelous fashion style. This brunette lady has one more enchanting feature that will draw attention of any lady. Once you see her astonishing hair, there will be no way back for you. Stephanie must be very proud of her adorable tresses that she always tends to stress out. If I were her, I would do exactly the same thing. Anyway, her beautiful locks are not what we are going to focus on today. Below are some interesting facts about her personality as well as a range of extremely engaging looks that she keeps sharing. Scroll down and find yourself drooling over Stephanie Liu’s lovely outfits.

Stephanie Liu & Her Awesome Style

Stephanie Liu’s style is inspired by the eras of Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall. To be honest, I didn’t spot that much of the two ladies so far, but probably I wasn’t searching that deep. Anyway, I love her style very much, as it combines both elegance and edginess, which is not such  a common feature. Her favorite brands are Thakoon, Opening Ceremony, Reformation, and Alexander Wang. She is fond of such fashion bloggers as Gary Pepper Girl, Chic Muse, and Shine By Three.

 I’m a 20-something living in Orange County, my home sweet home for the last 11 years. As much as I want to get away from this bubble, I can’t let it go. I love the beaches, the fresh air, the lack of traffic, and multitude of free parking spaces too much. But then again I get sparkly eyes at the many hidden wonders and late night escapes LA holds.  I’m a girl of two cities, a fashion blogger by night and entrepreneur by day, a budding vegan, and a dress addict. I went to UC Berkeley for Economics and left after 4 years, standing at a fork road. Admittedly without much thought, I chose the unbeaten path.

According to Stephanie, the three must-haves for any lady should include comfy yet sexy stilettos, a structured black crossbody bag, and an awesome dress. How can we not agree with her? All of her items are usually purchased at The Outnet, Net-A-Porter,, Urban Outfitters, and Barney’s.

I began Honey & Silk as a place for me to share what I love with my friends. As time went on and posts were published, Honey & Silk became more about sharing and discovering who I am and how the evolution of my style can be perfectly summed into words that describe my way of life. I cherish this blog as an important catalyst in my world that’s set off an exciting chain of events, of which I haven’t begun to fully grasp, but am living as the moments come. For now, lets talk style. 

Besides fashion, the blogger is very much into food. She keeps trying out new places and sharing her opinion on the best restaraunts of California. Actually, it is hard to believe that Stephanie loves to eat. Looking at her slim and pumped up body, one would never ever have such an assumption. Yet, this seems to be true.

I feel they intertwine for a certain lifestyle. I love to eat well, dress well, and be well – it’s what makes me happy. I love to explore new places, new foods, and these new places are settings for my style and perhaps an exploration in style too. 

Browse through the gallery below to see all the looks by Stephanie Liu. I am sure you will love her style just the way I did.

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