Street Style of Paris Spring 2014 Couture Week

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Attendee in turquoise coat
Show attendee in turquoise coat

Paris Spring 2014 Haute Couture Week was another event that gathered plenty of celebrities. And it wasn’t only about the familiar faces, multiple interviews and photocalls. Just imagine how much fashion there was, from the red carpet looks to the runway itself. What I like even more than the shows is the gorgeous fashion of the attendees. Below are the most fabulous looks of this Couture Week in Paris. Scroll down and see which outfits stand out even at such grandioise event as a fashion week.

Paris Spring 2014 Haute Couture Week: Best Fashion Moments

The lady in bright turquoise doesn’t care that it is winter now and people tend to wear darker colors. She totally breaks the stereotypes, which I myself don’t like that much. The stunner rocked a violet-blue midi dress with flare skirt and long sleeves. A pair of white tights as well as black suede ankle boots with light brown heels contrast with the main part of her outfit. But the accent here goes to the coat – the delicious shade makes it almost impossible to not notice the ensemble. The beauty queen also rocked a white minaudiere.

street-style-of-paris-spring-2014-couture-week-4Miroslava Duma
Miroslava Duma

Miroslava Duma wowed at the event. The Russian socialite is always on top of it, but this particular outfit blew my mind the moment I saw it. There is so much passion and appeal in this look that I can hardly resist it. I wonder what the men’s reaction might be. Miroslava rocked a skater dress with long sleeves and oversized shoulders which features velvet styling and delicate embroidery. To complete the stylish ensemble, the stunner added a dark brown handbag and black suede thigh high boots.

Busy lady
Busy lady

A very busy lady was also among the most fabulously looking guests. The blonde donned an orange shirt dress with a very spare fit. To set off the brightness of the outfit, she added a beautiful poncho in ecru and pine green. I adore the way it is designed, reminding of a coat and scarf together. Black ankle strap shoes with a moderate platform are designed to save any lady’s feet from collapsing. I like how she survived without any accessories, as the outfit is pretty self-sufficient itself.

Fifty shades of blue
Fifty shades of blue

Another blonde fashionista offered quite an engaging ensemble. The look is styled in shades of blue, starting from the true blue to indigo. I have never ever thought that an outfit in so many shades of one signle palette would look  so adorable. I personally wouldn’t hesitate a minute if I were offered to try this ensemble on.

Anna Dello Russo

Anna Dello Russo doesn’t require introduction. The fashion diva is well aware of all the current trends, which means that she will always look saucy. This time was not an exception. The celebrity opted for a colorful Prada coat in powder pink with navy blue, turquoise, orange, red and yellow embellishments. Moreover, she donned a lovely pink hat with fur styling on the edges, white thigh high boots and oarnge handbag. Her look is the least winter one, mostly due to the color of her coat. Besides, people rarely go for white footwear pieces in winter.

These were the most stunning and worthy outfits of Paris Spring 2014 Couture Week. I am pretty sure there are many more to be also covered, but these five are the ones that deserve most of our attention. Take a look at the saucy ensembles once again and choose your favorite one. As for me, I fell in deep love with Miroslava’s alluring outfit.

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