Stunning Wendy Nguyen And Her Unique Style

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Wendy Hguyen Blogger
Wendy Nguyen Street Looks

You have probably seen numerous times a petite Asian girl in chic and stylish outfits in the street style publications. Her name is Wendy Nguyen and she is one of the most popular fashion bloggers as of today. Based in San Francisco, this fashion-forward girl has her fashion blog entitled Wendy’s Lookbook, where she demonstrates her unique style through striking outfits, and Youtube channel. Both of them are highly popular.

This young girl has two passions in her life: fashion and psychology. Wendy started her fashion and style oriented blog with an aim to help girls with similar body types as hers with making up stylish outfits that will best flatter their body types. Since Wendy’s height is only 152 cm and her shoe size is 5, it is really problematic finding the nice fitting clothing for her petite frame. Eventually her fashion blog became utterly popular since Wendy’s unique style was appealing to the public.

Wendy Nguyen’s Biography

As I mentioned before, Wendy’s another passion is psychology, juvenile justice in particular. After graduating from a high school with honors, Wendy entered the University of California where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. As a student she worked as a counselor at the Berkeley Free Clinic. Besides she worked as a visiting teacher at Harding Elementary school.

Wendy Nguyen Fashion Blogger
Wendy Nguyen Street Look

As Wendy graduated from college, she proceeded working with marginalized groups of people. Besides being engaged in volunteering at the San Francisco Juvenile Detention Center in the past, nowadays she is a volunteer at InsideOutWriters, a Los Angeles based non-profit organization that edifies the formerly imprisoned teenagers.

Wendy Nguyen’s Style

When taking a look at Wendy’s fashion blog, one can see her daily looks portrayed on the beautiful photos. But the real spotlight are her Youtube videos, which are striking, fun and totally accessible.

Wendy finds a source of inspiration for her flawless looks in everything including architecture, nature, art, culture, music and even people. In Wendy’s opinion fashion is about combining all of these things together. Moreover, she sees it as an instrument that allows playing with different hues and shapes to build unique looks and thus reveal her own style. In Wendy’s wardrobe prevails clothing by high street brands like Zara, Forever 21 and ASOS. As for the accessories, which are used to adding a character to a look, she favors luxury brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Christian Louboutin and Valentino.

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