Style Tips From Peony Lim

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Peony Lim in Fur Coat
We have already wrote about the popular fashion blogger Peony Lim who can boast flawless sense of style and an exotic appearance, which made her one of the most sough-after fashion bloggers of today. She manages to come up with the chic and sophisticated looks that always make jaws drop. This month Peony decided to rework her website peonylimdotcom, where she regularly demonstrates her street looks. She also posts there her cooking recipes, beauty tips, restaurant and hotel reviews and sells stylish garments and accessories she finds at flea markets all over the world. One of the latest publications in Peony’s blog is the list of  5 fashion tips on putting together elegant and chic looks. Let’s take a look at them.

Secrets of Style by Peony Lim

Consider using tones, not just colors

Instead of making up the outfits based on colors, consider using tones. Build your outfits around shades and tones of one key color like blue, red or grey. This way you will add sophistication and elegance to your look.

Peony Lim in Denim

Silhouette matters

Envision your look as a whole image: make sure it is well-proportioned and balanced. Stay away from the akward silhouettes. So in case you decide to wear the wide leg trousers make sure to team them with the slim top, while the sequin-embellished skirt should be balanced out by the edgy tee for the chic and casual look.

Peony Lim Street Look

Add a touch of humor to your look

Peony thinks that adding a touch of humor to your look brings chic vibe and French allure to it. Original hat, whimsical bag or statement shoes will make you stand out from the crowd. Peony likes to spice up her outfits with hats with ears and unique eyewear.

Peony Lim in Black Outfit

Style your looks with accessories

Even the simplest outfit can be brightened up with a stunning pair of shoes or a clutch and often can look even better than an intricate one. So, before you decide to invest money in trendy garments, consider filling your wardrobe with basic garments in classic style that could be easily played up with the striking accessories.

Peony Lim in Pastel Outfit

Nothing to wear? Opt for classics

Women with the flawless sense of style have always been associated with icons like Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Grace Kelly, Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton. Opting for clean cut garments in classic style they complemented them with statement accessories. Wearing classic garments like a perfectly tailored trouser suit, sundress with vintage feel and classic jeans and crisp white shirt ensemble is the safest option to look chic and stylish without trying too hard.

Peony Lim in Red Dress

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