This Fashion Blogger Looks Like Kim Kardashian

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Kamilla Osman is a Canadian blogger currently making waves on the Internet due to her close similarity to Kim Kardashian. The Kim K doppelganger who already has over 100,000 followers on Instagram shows off some not only familiar facial features but also style and makeup.

Blogger Looks Like Kim Kardashian

Kamilla Osman

Coming from Azeri background Osman says she isn’t going after Kardashian West’s look purposefully pinning their similarities down to proximity of their countries of origin. According to Osman: “Most girls in my country have the same look.” She also claims she hasn’t done anything “invasive”, as she puts, it to look like the reality TV star.

Now while she bears striking resemblence to Kim Kardashian in some pictures you can spot difference in others. Now when it comes to her style it seems miss Osman likes bodycon dresses and pencils skirts as much as Kim but the former can be much more often seen sporting casual jeans and tees.

What do you think? Does this fashion blogger look like Kim?

Kamilla Osman

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