Top 8 Coolest Street Looks: Menswear

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Elegant & exquisite menswear look
Elegant & exquisite menswear look
When it comes to bloggers, we normally discuss the awesome outfits presented by female fashionistas from around the world. However, very few think of the other half of the humanity as a group also worth of our attention. And although lately this tendency has slightly changed, people still underestimate the aesthetic features of men. This post will surely change your mind – in case you shared the above point of view – or enhance your belief in existence of fashionable gentlemen. Scroll down to see the 8 striking looks offered by trendy and stylish men from different corners of the globe, who are willing to promote a revolution in gender fashion. And watch out – some of these guys are just too hot to pass by without falling into deep love with both the outfits and their outstanding charm.

Most Stylish Men: Street Fashion

If you are attracted to men with an impeccable fashion taste and very elegant style, you are most likely to fall for this handsome individual. The way he is dressed up is quite formal yet with an artistic and creative touch – which definitely drives one’s attention to him. The hottie rocked a pair of beige pants along with a classy collar up shirt in sky blue, a beige tie and saucy bomber in plum. This already unique combination is styled with a pair of trendy shoes in brown and – attention please – multi-colored striped socks. I assume it is the latter that makes this ensemble stand out and allure so much. It is quite obvious that not every single man would dare to sport such an outfit and this is exactly what makes it so appealing.

There are several sporty looks presented in this collection – which is not surprising at all. Contemporary men mostly prefer this style to the formal dress-code for obvious reasons. It is so much more comfortable to sport a pair of sneakers and loose pants other than a suit with a shite shirt and classic shoes. Meantime, a very few guys (unfortunately) realize that it is still important and actually required to follow common fashion sense when creating sporty and casual looks. For instance, if one pairs a sleeveless shirt in cream with charcoal pants in an engaging design and a pair of sporty boots in brown, I can guarantee that not a single lady would ever call the guy unfashionable. It all depends on how one styles his outfits and what approach he chooses.

Smart casual outfit featuring shorts, loafers, shirt and a blazer
Smart casual outfit featuring shorts, loafers, shirt and a blazer
Whereas smart casual occupies a very important place in ladies’ hearts and minds, today we can easily claim that it is absolutely the same way with men. There are plenty of stunning ensembles that can be spotted out in the street – all featuring elements and characteristics of this style. Why to go for regular and cliché compositions, when there is such a great opportunity to wear something really cool and stylish? I am pretty sure that this is the motto by which most of the male fahshionistas abide, so no wonder we see so many of smart casual looks whenever out in the city. And here is a very bright and clear example of how such an ensemble can be rocked. The guy featured in the image combined a pair of beige shorts with a loose shirt in khaki and a cool printed blazer in a camouflage print. To make this combo look even more appealing, the guy added elegant lacquered loafers in burgundy and a saucy and extremely exquisite bag in pine green as well as tied an oxblood scarf around the neck. All in one, this is one of the most alluring and stylish male outfits I have seen so far and can be easily exploited by you as a dress-code manual for your beloved ones.

Vintage inspiration is also present in men’s fashion. Just a single look at this particular outfit immediately draws a very engaging and nostalgic image of the olden days, when there was not too much to wear. In this case, it is about the simplicity of the design and lines as well as the moderate color palette that builds up the whole ensemble. A pair of plain crop pants in charcoal gray is complemented by matching suspenders, a simply designed shirt in white, chocolate brown loafers, a purely vintage handbag in rust brown and a cap in beige. As one can see, there is nothing extraordinary or outstanding in the look, however this composition is quite appealing.

In case you would like to see more of the sauciest menswear pieces offered by street fashionistas, browse through the images below and enjoy the mind-blowing male street style.

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