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Uliana Kim
Uliana Kim

Here is a fabulous lady whose style has to be checked out by you. From exotic appearance to perfect fashion taste, Uliana Kim represents a great example of modern lady who manages to combine professional qualities with a cool hobby. This young woman is a frequent guest of various fashion events both in Russia and outside it. I am not surprised: when one has so much charm and appeal, it is extremely hard to resist it. Besides, Uliana is a prominent figure in the Russian fashion community. Scroll down to learn more about this lovely lady as well as to see her gorgeous outfits.

Lovely Looks of Uliana Kim

Uliana Kim is a PR-director of the Russian Aurora Fashion Week. The stunner runs her blog since 2011. Her creative website is called Theveryuk and has gained much popularity. Uliana has a very specific style, which is not similar to any of the previous ones. Her closet is so diverse, that sometimes it seems like there are two ladies instead of one. One day she may rock a super elegant dress and exquisite pumps, and the other day you will spot her wearing military boots and bleached shorts.

It is hard to define my style. The only thing I can tell for now is that I wear those pieces that I really like. If they match the latest trends, it is even better: then I have more chances to find the desirable pieces. Yet, if I spot something really cool and it happens to be from a second-hand store, I still go for it… I love shapy outfits, actually I love men’s wear. Those oversized shirts and shorts add a very unique zest to my looks. I believe it’s my own way to be creative, since the women’s wear doesn’t always allow for such creativity and diversity.

Her favorite colors are gray, white, black, and beige. As you can see, Uliana goes for moderate colors, claiming that although being on the bright side is always cool, this is not her affection.  She is a big fan of Alexander Wang – what he does for Balenciaga is, according to Uliana, totally outstanding.

I think that beauty products are exclusively a personal matter. I am often being approached on the make-up products that I am using. I don’t mind sharing my beauty tools, but then it has to be adjusted and adapted. If a certain lotion fits my skin 100%, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will fit another girl. What is more important here is to use the method of errors and trials – that’s the only way to suceed in any venture.

However, the blogger did share her favorite make-up brands: Giorgio Armani, Max Factor, Comme des Garcons, Balenciaga, and M.A.C. She was also very generous to reveal some fashion discoveries. For instance, in Milan she bumped into a cool bag brand of Japanese origin – Nanamica. In regards of the men stores with outfits which could fit lady’s closet, there are two in Petesburg: Wood Wood and Fred Perry.

Uliana Kim has a very engaging style. You will love some of the outfits so much that you will want to recreate them immediately. And I believe, it is not such an impossible mission. Just carefully take a look at the images below and make sure you take some notes. The Russian blogger offers quite a range of saucy outfits to go for.

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