Vintage Look by Dasha Gold

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Dasha Gold
Dasha Gold

Not sure how to put together a vintage outfit? No worries, this post will definitely help you. Dasha Gold, the fashionable Australian blogger, shared her newest look. So if you are stuck somewhere in the middle of the how-in-the-world-do-I-wear-vintage step, make a pause and read on.

Dasha Gold’s Vintage Inspired Outfit

Vintage has been incredibly popular for the past few seasons. Actually, it has become some kind of obsession. Some ladies have a tendency to invade their grandmothers’ chests without any specific goal. As a result, they fish out half-century-old items and, not fully aware of what to do with them, create a “vintage” outfit. They might consider it to be super trendy, while in fact they wrap their bodies in a mixture of tasteless and old-fashioned clothing pieces. Just because your Granny wore it to high school does not mean that it is going to turn into a saucy item. To create a stylish vintage look, you don’t have to search for antiques – just follow your fashion taste and common sense. At least, this is what Dasha Gold seemed to have done and her outfit is totally awesome.

Lensed, as always, by her husband Colin Gold, Dasha poses against natural backdrop. Looking at the images, it is quite hard to believe that the photo shoot was styled by the blogger herself. If I didn’t know that, I would think some experienced fashion stylist took part in the process. Dasha looks absolutely stunning in this bright outfit. I bet, it would be pretty tough to pass by such a lady without looking back at her.

The beauty rocked a striped dress in black and white by Australian brand Mister Zimi. No, it is not a mistype – a dress. It is not a shirt, top or blouse, no matter how hard you will try to convince me. According to Dasha’s own comment, she paired the frock with high-waisted denim shorts from Little Lost Land. Little Lost Land is a Melbourne-located store that Dasha has recently discovered. Apparently, she enjoyed her new find a lot:

Its unique and quirky selection of clothes, accessories and sunglasses are incredible. Striking colours and prints, unusual designs and the atmosphere of the store will make you loose a sense of time.

The vintage look she offered is accessorised by a delicious red poncho jacket and a colorful head scarf, also purchased in that store. Dasha added Bared Footwear leather ankle booties in black and a gorgeous Orly Genger Jaclyn Mayer necklace. I love her saucy sunglasses as well as the elegant black clutch with brown edges. There is one thing I would change though. Had she opted for tights of a brighter color, the outfit would have appeared to look more 80s.

Dasha Gold must have an endless source of inspiration, which might explain how she comes up with so many incredible looks. What do you think of her vintage outfit?

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