Vintage Style Of Caitie Schlisserman

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The pretty thing about fashion bloggers is that they are quite open on their style preferences, and give advices on how to look more stylish and how to find the perfect matches. A 23-year-old fashion blogger, Catie Schlisserman reveals her style secrets while showcasing her retro-styled room in the interview she has given to TeenVogue Magazine. Let’s take a sneak peek at the blogger’s life and her stylish choices!

Catie Schlisserman : Vintage Charm

Caitie Schlisserman Style

Caitie Schlisserman In Betsey Johnson Crop Sweater & Rachel Comey Shoes

Catie Schlisserman a fashion blogger from LA, California is always on a hunt for treasure in the vintage boutiques and flea markets. By the way, she is an owner of the vintage shop Lady à la Mode. Of course you can imagine what her room looks like, full of vintage accessories and clothing pieces that don’t quite fit into the current time. However, Catie is quite organized herself having storage for everything that she acquires or sells:

I keep a rack for all the stuff I’m selling. My shop is closed right now, but will be open again soon! I keep running out of space so sometimes some of my everyday pieces end up on there, too. At least it’s all nice to look at.

Catie recently moved to LA to explore the city of her dreams of the San Francisco Bay area and so far she has been really creative about that. She enjoys remodeling pieces that she buys in the stores, as she loves to sew since childhood and has a Singer sewing machine proudly displayed in her apartment.

Catie also enjoys her visits to flea markets to find there the old vintage fashion accessories, such as the ladder that is used as shoe storage and the mannequin for furnishing purposes. She is also very artistic and likes to decorate her apartment with her own artworks, that we see leaning against the wall on the dresser. Currently Catie Schlisserman is finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising with a focus on Fashion Journalism. Do you enjoy her vintage style and her room?

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