What To Wear This Fall: Street Style of Paris

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It's all about purple
It’s all about purple
As fall has officially stepped into force, it is more than reasonable now to concentrate all of our attention on the new set of outfits. While you have a wide range of options, it does make sense to check out some some saucy looks of the most prominent fashionistas – in order to get a better ideas as well as some inspiration. This time we are not focusing so much on the street bloggers who release their cool ensembles on a constant basis but rather on the beautiful ladies whose impeccable fashion taste got into the lens of street photographers. Scroll down and enjoy the set of most adorable looks from the streets of Paris.

6 Mind-Blowing Outfits from Paris Fashionistas

Everyone happens to have a favorite color. It can change, of course, but at a certain time point we all have the shade that makes our minds go crazy. For me, it is all about purple. Besides, this color has been one of my faves for what seems to be forever. I remember myself purchasing tons of stuff just because of the shade – I am sure I am not the only one with such an obsession. So there was really no chance I could resist this magnificent look. Besides, not only does it feature my beloved shade, but also it has a striking design. The beauty on the image above obviously possesses some great fashion taste. She paired a beautiful maxi coat in jacquard with a matching pair of straight pants and an elegant top. Her sophisticated look is complemented by a pair of gorgeous lace shoes in a lovely print, a marble white minaudiere and an impressive choker in gold.

Rock shirt and feathers
Rock shirt and feathers
This look is much more moderate in terms of color palette. Yet, it is quite hard to address to it in the same way when it comes to style. I doubt that a lot of ladies would wear a midi pencil skirt embellished with feathers. I personally would have never come up with such an idea, but the moment I spotted the look, I fell in love with it. I like the way this skirt is designed a lot – multiple layers create a visual volume which fits the toned lady a lot. Plus, the colors are combined in a very cool way: black, dark turquoise, gray and green all together create a stunning look. The saucy piece is paired with a black rock shirt, maxi coat with gold buttons, a pair of lacquered loafers and a matching minaudiere.

Suit and bermuda shorts
Suit and bermuda shorts
Here is an example of how fantastic and creative an office look can be. The brunette stunner rocked a super elegant and incredibly stylish pant suit in slate gray. The fabric of the suit has some light glow, which adds up to the overall impression. Yet, this is not the key element of the outfit: the ensemble features a pair of bermuda shorts – this is not something you can spot very often, right? A cream lace top along with a beige trench coat, a pair of black and white pumps and a saucy handbag in black and orange finish the look.

Leather cap and pink midi skirt
Leather cap and pink midi skirt
Another awesome look that is worth to be checked out is styled in a very engaging way. A maxi flare skirt in delicate pink is combined with a striped black and white long-sleeved shirt and an oversized blazer in cream, which features some black trimming. I adore the footwear choice of the lady a lot – black wedge sneakers with a white platform fit in just perfectly. This funky outfit is complemented by a lovely black leather cap embellished with a red pom-pom on the top.

Queen-of-diamonds minaudiere4
Queen-of-diamonds minaudiere
Here comes the queen of diamonds with her mind-blowing clutch. This white minaudiere featuring a card design is absolutely adorable. The moment I saw I realize that I won’t be able to breathe properly until I get it into my personal collection. The design of the handbag perfectly matches the rest of her look. The beauty sported a velvet shirt in red with short sleeves and quilted textures. The navy blue ribbon over her shoulders is embellished with two crystal stars in different size. A saucy pair of black suede pumps and black sunglasses completed this striking ensemble.

Ecru look
Ecru look
Last but not least comes one of the hottest trends of this season – an outfit in ecru. A beautiful biker jacket in cream features a skimming and hot fit and asymmetric cut. The piece is paired with a flare skirt that is embellished with one single oversized pocket on the side. A pair of twist-strap sandals in black along with black clutch and matching sunglasses make this look even more saucy.

I am absolutely in love with all the featured look. Which outfit spoke the most to you?

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