40 Marvelous Off-Shoulder Looks: Summer 2015

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Super elegant off-shoulder outfit
Super elegant off-shoulder outfit
If you are a fan of delicate and romantic outfits, then you will obviously fall in love with this striking collection of off-shoulder ensembles that is presented below. Every single look is full of elegant and exquisite touch as well as high level of individualism and artistic approach. The greatest way about this design is that the rest of your clothing pieces can be very simple, as the main accent of the composition is already in place. Scroll down to fall in love with the most magnificent and striking outfits to wear this summer.

How To Rock An Off-Shoulder Look

Here comes probably the most sophisticated outfit of the today’s collection. I can’t think of a reason someone would not fall for this masterpiece. A beautiful off-shoulder long-sleeved shirt in light blue is combined with a pair of high waist flare crop pants in navy blue. The very design of the latter makes my mouth water, as I have already drawn some fifty images in my mind, all depicting various ensembles I could create with the help of this item. Low-heel pumps in black along with intricately shaped glasses and a very stylish black handbag with gold stylingcompleted this striking outfit.

What can be more alluring than a summer off-shoulder dress in ecru? Such a frock will stress your natural beauty and make all eyes around follow you. Here is an excellent example which will prove this statement right. This buttoned up piece in cream linen features a flare fit and mid-ankle cut. There is no embellishment or anything else that normally complements a dress; however, it is very hard to take one’s gaze off the item. The best way to sport this gorgeous design is to add a pair of lace up wedge sandals in rust brown suede, a matching tote, an outstanding bracelet with an ethnic motif, cool sunglasses and a colored scarf.

If you feel like adding more color to your summer wardrobe, then you are very likely to get overwhelmed this particular look. A super saucy striped high waist midi skirt with an asymmetric cut is paired with the loveliest crop top ever. The delicate piece in dark green goes well with the matching handbag in suede as well as the trendy chunky heel sandals in brown and a cool belt. Overall, this is a great look to complement a walk around the city or some fashionable party with informal dress-code.

Hippie look featuring an off-shoulder top
Hippie look featuring an off-shoulder top
Why not to give a tribute to the crazy and funky atmosphere of 90s with an awesome hippie look? I am pretty sure that even those of you are used to sporting exclusively elegant and exquisite ensembles will fall in love with this striking number. There is absolutely no way one can resist the power and charm of this adorable composition, so I would recommend you to just give up and enjoy the beauty and perfect design of the look. And if you have a desire to recreate the very same outfit and impress everyone around with your impeccable fashion taste, then all you need to do is just to pair a super shirt zippered skirt in black with an off-shoulder in white, a chunky necklace, saucy double-colored handbag and very cool ankle booties in brown suede. Sounds quite engaging, doesn’t it?

Denim is something that can complement any clothing piece in this world. I wonder if anything we consume from the fashion runways has ever mismatched a pair of jeans or a denim jacket. There are a plenty of possible combinations one can go for, so the world is your oyster. Meantime there are certain outfits that stand out from the myriad of others and amaze with the perfect composition. A delicate white off-shoulder top with laser cut embroidery is perfectly complements these bleached overalls with a vintage touch. The way the stunner rocks the latter piece makes the whole outfit even more alluring and desirable. To finish the look, the beauty added a pair of ankle strap sandals in exquisite violet, a gorgeous chain handbag in quilted white leather and some moderate jewelry pieces in gold. If you were in a search for a perfect go-out look for summer, congratulations – you have just found it!

Below are 35 more looks that each will take your breath away. You can be quite sure that in every each of these striking ensembles you will attract large flows of attention. Browse the gallery and choose your favorite off-shoulder outfit to sport this summer.

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