3 Dress Styles To Wear On New Year’s Eve

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Dresses are gorgeous and a holiday dress is allowed to be dramatic. Here are the three styles that are both trendy and glamorous to rock on New Year’s Eve and beyond. Sequins and metallic fabrics, or course, remain the main go-to holiday variants but these may just change your mind.

 Dresses to Wear To New Year’s Party

Olivia Wilde for H&M

Olivia Wilde for H&M 

Kimono Dress

Kimono dress is a beautiful holiday look option. It’s boho, it’s chic, and it can be as classy and sophisticated as any evening gown. You can choose the depth of your neckline but with this style you can go pretty low without looking vulgar. There is some aura about this style that gives it a modest look all the while featuring a plunging neck.

Tarek Sinno

Tarek Sinno Couture 2015

Assymetrical Dress

Assymetrical trend has become deeply entrenched in fashion these past couple of years. There are tons of styles that involve not only assymtrical skirt but also tops and sleeves of the dress. Choose the one that shows off your best feaetures and

Sarah Jessica Parker

Crop Top Dress

Crop top dress is a beautiful trend that has finally made its way into the realm of wedding dresses. But the holiday options are available too and you can choose if your top will feature long or short sleeves and your skirt will be slinky or full.

What do you think about these trendy holiday looks?

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