3 Fabulous Ways To Sport Sequined Dress

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Sequined dress makes the greatest holiday outfit. It’s got enough glitz to compete with the Christmas tree and is never really out of fashion for the festive season.

Sequined Dress Holiday Look

Sequined dress and other clothing items have recently become more casual but if you style them right they will look as festive as it gets.

Black And Gold

Gold dress with black accessories

There are so many styles and colors to choose from. And whilte we like the peacock blue and emerals green or sea green and gold combinations, black accessories and a gold dress will always work no matter what.

Maxi Length

Maxi dress

A maxi sequined dress is sort of a next step for making a holiday look truly festive and dramatic. A beautiful mermaid silhouette looks anazing in sequins.

Low Back

Backless golden dress

Finally, a backless sequined dress is more dramatic than a more casual style, so take advantage and show off your back necklace or a tattoo.

If you don’t know what to wear with the dress, opt for fur as it goes well with the sequins. Knits and leather jacket will make your look more homely and casual.

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Mona Lis

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