3 Topshop Styling Ideas You Need To Try This Season

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Topshop Unique’s Spring 2016 collection was full of goodies but there were also some great styling ideas you may find fresh and interesting enough. These are not your haute couture out there ideas so you can easily incorporate them into your daily life and work wardrobe.

Topshop Unique Styling Ideas For Spring

Topshop Spring 2016

A pencil skirt and a button up are every office girl’s staples. Why not mix it up with an asymmetric style that matches perfectly to your printed shirt? The changes are minor but the white skirt and a printed top will definitely take you from boring to spring-ready and unique.

Topshop Spring 2016 look

If you’re tire of suit blazers the pajamas trends comes to the rescue. First of all your PJ blazer can be made of more fancy fabrics and interesting colors and prints and you can easily pair it with shorts, mini skirts, and wide-legged pants if you want.

Topshop blazer look

The good ol’ pinstripe blazer though can be easily freshened up with a flowing printed dress and a bright-colored belt. You define the waist and also nail the almost professional look that is allowed in modern offices.

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