5 Blazer Looks To Upgrade Your Office Garb For Spring And Summer

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Blazer is a classic wardrobe staple of thousands of women and being around for so long has certainly made possible for a lot of different outfits. But with these 5 fresh ideas we are looking at the modern, 2016 kinda way to rock this classic.

Blazer + Cutt Offs

Blazer and cutt off shorts

Blazer and cutt offs is a controversial combination, but at this point it’s a matter of taste really. If your office allows a more relaxed garb then you just have to try it out and see whether it does anything for you or not.

Blazer + Dress

Blazer and lace dress

Sporting a spring dress to work? Easy just throw on a blazer and you’ll look both festive and professional.

Elongated Blazer and Shirt Dress

Dries Van Noten blazer look

Remember, the blazer should be longer than the regular models or you’ll look like you forgot to wear pants

Sure it seems like a reiteration of the previous look but it is not, not exactly. First, an elongated blazer is a whole different beast and you need to pick it carefully considering your height and second a shirt dress is worlds apart from a skater dress, for example, and looks very much different. It’s a great look for offices with stricter dress codes. If all else fails, try a blazer dress instead.

Statement Blazer

Statement blazer look

There are tons of variations of a statement blazer, so choose something that speaks to you and stylize it as appropriate.

Blazer + Bra Top

Abbey Lee Kershaw blazer

Now this one’s tricky. You can’t unbutton your blazer at work in case you get hot (unless your office really doesn’t care) but come the end of the work day and you’re all set for a night out.

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