Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2013

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Spring summer 2013 collection by Alexander McQueen looks just amazing with all those intricate shapes and original textures that were inspired by the Mother Nature and by the bees in particular. The key element that appears throughout the entire collection- honeycomb mesh that is used in the edgy jackets and pencil skirts. It is astonishing the way the designer managed to incorporate such a simple idea into something truly stunning.
Sarah Burton, creative director of Alexander McQueen fashion house, commented:

“It was bringing back the silhouette of the house and embracing the female form – the hip and bust. But there was a lightness to it. It still felt erotic but not overt.”

She added:
“Most women are worker bees.”
The last phrase explains the wide use of the honeycomb-inspired motives in the collection. The round mesh is utilized for creating the unique hats. The honeycomb is further transformed into the honeycomb jacquard, which is distinguished with the sharp tailoring worn with the Bermuda shorts beneath and shimmery heels.
The collection also features the chic and eccentric corsets, gown with crinoline and cage-shaped skirts embellished with beautiful flowers. The ball gowns are performed in the different shades of red, classy black, elegant white and of course delicate yellow.
Lucinda Chambers, Vogue fashion director, stated:
“It was utterly amazing, unbelievable, genius – from the film backdrop of the bees to the clothes, breath-taking.”

Alexander McQueen spring summer 2013

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