Best Airport Styling Ideas From Celebs

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Celebrities can never get away from paparazzi lenses so they have to look great anywhere, even the airport. And anyone who travels often knows what a chore it is to find something that is both comfy and stylish. When you travel all you want is a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie, and a blanket…and maybe soft slippers. But while some stars like Victoria Beckham and Dita Von Teese don’t mind flying in heels and bodycon outfits others prefer a more relaxed dress code. There is even the whole celebrity airport style thing formed around all those paparazzi photos. Well, let’s take a look at the best styling ideas that can keep you in a happy medium between stylish and comfy.

Gym Tights

Kendall Jenner airport style

Yes, I agree, gym tights belong in the gym but there are some designs that are too good not to wear every day. Choose a biker-style leggings or some simple opaque style to pair with your sneakers and add a dressier top or vest or jacket to keep this whole look a bit closer to athleisure than full on gym outfit.

Jersey Dress

Kylie Jenner airport style

A jersey dress can be of any style and still look good with good old sneakers and flats. Long-sleeved, tank top, turtleneck. Choose the one in a neutral shade depending on the season (take a jacket to the plane with you for a short-sleeved dress). You can accessorize a basic jersey dress with anything you want and a neutral color will allow you to pair it with any shoes or bag you have.

Long Cardigan

Rosie Huntington Whiteley airport style

A long cardigan will not only make any outfit look smarter but will also warm you up on board. You can wear it with a summer dress, top and pants, jeans, shorts, and romper. It’s a great way to dress up your more casual clothes underneath too.

Sweatpants And Denim Jacket

Gigi Hadid airport style

Alright this one’s for sweatpants girls. If you don’t mind the heels, wear them, but this outfit would look even better with white sneakers. Denim jacket may not be the warmest (or comfiest) thing to wear on a board of a plane but it surely adds some old-school style points to those sweatpants.

Stylish Sunglasses

Jessica Alba airport style

Finally, if you are dressing more or less casually you can always count on some stylish shades, shoes, and a bag to dress you up. Make sure that your mix of styles is well-mixed though as you don’t want your dressy accessories stand out too much against your clothes.

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