Customizable Leggings From Alala

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Alala leggings

Workout leggings have never been as cool as they are now. So many prints, colors, cuts, and designs out there. But now they became even more unique. With Alala Carte, a customization and monogram service, you can choose the colors of the brand’s best-sellers Captain Tight leggings and print up to three initials on them. What?

Yup, they will cost you $185 but you can choose up to seven colorways and prints and stamp them with your very own initials or the abbreviation of Train Eat Sleep or something like that.

This type of thing isn’t exactly new other services allow you to print artwork of choice on your leggings or put phrases on them. So if you want to stand out among your gym friends all clad in Nike you can opt for creating your own designs that you’ll know are unique to only you.


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Mona Lis

A fashion enthusiast with passion for extremes; simple cuts vs. mad complexity, monochromatic pallets, and crazy color schemes. Interested in fashion from a perspective of a 'perfect look', 'outfit puzzles', and shopping.