How To Choose A Prom Dress You Won’t Regret

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If you don’t want to regret your prom dress there are a few tips that will help you choose the one that you’ll remember with a tinge of sweet nostalgia instead.

Prom Dress You Won’t Regret

Lily Rose Depp prom

Lily Rose Depp wearing a nude velvet tank dress to the prom

Don’t Follow Trends

Trends are problematic because they are usually very short-lasting and tend to go overboard when it comes to everything from length to wearability. Instead opt for classic shapes and styles like spaghetti strap slip dresses, mermaid style, or princess ball gown.

Choose Quality

Sure this may be your special prom dress but you can recycle it by wearing it later for other special occasions like a friend’s wedding or birthday party. In order to be able to wear it throughout the years your dress should not only be classic but also made of quality fabric and any detailing. When choosing a dress pay attention not only to its look and price but also the quality of seams (they should be perfectly straight and neat). If it features any buttons, rhinestones, or other details inspect them as well to avoid visible glue sticking from under the stones and ruining your look from a closer view.

Get A Fitting

Arrange a fitting of your chosen dresses a few times to see how the dress looks with different under garments and what accessories complete the look best.

Don’t Spend a Fortune

It may seem important now but further down the line when the prom is all done you’ll probably regret spending a fortune on your look. At this point you may need some other things on which you could spend the money like a laptop for college or something else that is more practical.

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