How To Rock A Christmas Sweater Like True Fashionista

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Ugly Christmas sweaters are the worst right? Well, sometimes they can be a lot of fun especially the ones that go easy on patterns and choose to be concise in their writings. The latter actually makes them more wearable and cool. So why not give your grandma a template for a successful Christmas sweater and rock it like a truly fashionista?

How To Pull Off Christmas Sweater

Christmas sweater

There are many ways to wear it right and style it so it didn’t look foreign on you. For example, a mini skirt or short shorts will look great especially complemented with knitted high socks. And while jeans might be more tempting due to comfort sometimes a holiday sweater can really be save by leather leggings or skinny pants. I don’t know how but they just work together. I guess it’s because jeans look too casual but when you’re matching a sweater with something more nice and fancy it makes the whole look more fancy and nice.

If sweaters aren’t your thing a cardigan is even a better idea because you can shed it any minute and look completely different at once. Also a cardigan has a more flattering V neck than most sweaters and allows to wear something like this gorgeous statement necklace that is simply next level on a scale of good.


A cardigan can be a great way to keep warm in a holiday dress. Speaking of dresses, though, a holiday sweater dress is something a true fashionista just can’t pass by or at least consider.

A statement full midi skirt is another great way to wear a thin holiday sweater. Pick a tertiary color from your sweater pattern and find a skirt in that color to make an ultimate ballerina-on-holiday look.

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