How To Rock A Jumpsuit For New Year

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Jumpsuit may not be the most practical holiday outfit but it surely looks impressive. All you really have to do is find your silhouette and design. There are a few tips that will make choosing any outfit so much easier and the celebs can show you how to stylize a jumpsuit for a red carpet-worthy entrance for this New Year’s party.

Holiday Jumpsuit Look

Jenna Dewan

Body Shape

To choose the perfect outfit you have to know your body shape. If it’s not an hourglass then there are some designs that won’t look too flattering. For ecample, if you have narrow hips you’ll need to opt for a jumsuit with fulle/wider trousers that start flaring at the thighs or waist. The top of the jumpsuit should be sleek and minimalist to make sure you don’t create an even bigger contrast between your upper and lower body. The same principle is true for girls with pear-shaped bodies who want to make their lower part appear smaller. Choose a design that has sleek but not skinny pants and voluminous top. This way you’ll balance out the narrower shoulders and wide hips.

To define waist in a rectangle figure opt for jumpsuits with belts or peplums. Anything that cinches a few centimeters of your waistline can be helpful in creating a coveted hourglass look.


V-neck is flattering to almost everyone. It also visually elongates your neck and torso. The smaller your breast size the lower V neck you can get away with. Those with broad shoulders should look into halter neck options and be careful with high necklines.


Jumpsuits look best with heels. That’s just a fact and it’s especially true for long flowy jumpsuits. Belts are warranted too in many cases. When it comes to jewelry it’s all up to you but if you have a tricky neckline like boat or high neck it’s best to stick to bracelets and an embellished clutch.

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