How to Rock Coatigan

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Coatigan was trendy back in 2013, I know, but now is a right time to sport it. It’s sexy and cozy and if you live in a particularly cold climate you can sport within the office.

Grey coatigan

Striking a perfect balance between a coat and cardigan coatigan makes for a great transition item.

You can wear it with trendy culotte pants, jeans, and midi dresses. You can also wear it over a sport-y outfit or a dressy look. Don’t wear it with marl trainers or jogger pants or you might end up looking too homey (unless that’s your goal).

Coatigans come in variety of styles. Some look more like knitted cardigans while others feature fur collars like coats. They can also vary in length and if you want a bit more drama, I suggest goingwith a longer one.

How would you rock a coatigan? And do you find it useful in your climate?

Coatigan Looks

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