How to Stylize Sweater Dress

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A sweater dress is a winter classic. It is cozy and sweet but can also be quite sexy. A sweater dress is a perfect stylish home clothing item as well. But if you want to wear it with style and keep warm there are a few ways to stylize it.

Accessorizing Sweater Dress

Sporty sweater dress look

Patterned or solid, sweater dress can be accessorized with thigh high boots for a sexy look. You’ll also be able to keep warm and take the outfit from day to night.

A belt might be necessary if you want to define waist but loose-fitting dresses are pretty much in right now.

The neck can also determine the style of the dress. Turltleneck is more casual but with the right styling can look sexy while the off-shoulder style makes for a great night style. If you want it casual and sport-y, simply pair it with sneakers and backpack. A scarf is also a great accessory for both warmth and style but with the turtleneck being such a huge trend this year you probably won’t need it.

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