How To Wear A Kimono Style Dress

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The holidays are fast-approaching and it’s time to find that perfect dress that will make your holiday look. Not that it has to be a dress but if it is then you better take a look at the trendy kimono silhouette as it turn women into goddesses.

No but, seriously, take a look at these beauties. You can wear them to a wedding, to a party, to red carpet, and even just every day.


The V-neck suits most women, even if you think the kimono sleeve is too wide for your frame. The belt accentuates the waist but the skirt is not too slinky so you get a slender look that plays on contrast between volumious design and straight slimming lines.

Kim Kardashian

Kimono style dresses come in various fabrics, colors, and designs. The black ensemble here has three textures including leather, which makes it look unusual. The sleeves can be long or short. Shorter ones seem more functional but they look no less beautiful.

ASOS dress

Sequins haven’t passed a kimono style dress by. You can find a beautiful sequined kimono dress on the market in both maxi and mini versions. Expect the maxi dress to be a bit heavier but so much more glamorous.

ASOS dress

A maxi kimono dress can also come in a more casual style for every day wear. It is a great summer variant and can be worn with dressy flats if length allows.

Kenza Zouiten

The mini casual dresses are amazing spring summer treats. They are sexy and come in a variety of prints and also solid colors. Fashion blogger Kenza Zouiten wears a rose quartz pink kimono style dress here with greige peep-toe boots, which make for an edgier look.

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