How to Wear Summer Dresses in Fall Winter Period

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Almost every woman has in her wardrobe the dress that she just cannot avoid wearing during the colder season. Well, there are some things that will allow you to put on your favorite garment even during the chilly days. Let’s get to know them!

How to wear summer dresses during fall winter period

Roll necks
Another way is putting on the roll neck of the neutral hue under the dress. The roll neck could be grey, beige, white or black. This option works best for the short-sleeved and strapless dresses. But keep in mind not to apply this method to the dresses with spaghetti strap neckline.
Wearing the pair of tights underneath is probably the most banal way that allows you to extend the period of wearing your favorite dress. Black dense tights work ideal with the major part of dresses, but also consider complementing your dress with burgundy or brown ones. Just make sure the tights density is at least 80 dens.
Knee-high boots
We all know that when you feet are warm, you whole body will feel warm as well. So, if you feel like wearing short-sleeve dress, combine it with knee high boots. Ideally, the boots should meet the dress’s hem.
Wearing coats over the summer dresses is ordinary. Believe me, it looks extremely chic and soft when the woman wears the long coat over the light dress. Get the effortless look by choosing the classical trench coat in bright or neutral hues.
If you think that your dress is a bit short for wearing during the chilly period, consider wear it as a tunic along with the pair of leggings. For the complete look with the winter feel compliment the outfit with the cardigan and scarf. Just be careful with the hemline length: it should be mid-thigh long otherwise you will get the shorter effect.

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